Warner Bros. movies no longer playing on HBO Max after 45 days in theaters

HBO Max will now use a case-by-case basis to determine when Warner Bros. movies will be available to stream.

Although Warner Bros. had previously planned to send all of their films hbo max After 45 days in theaters, it has now been announced that the company will use a case-by-case basis to determine when theatrically released films will be available to stream. HBO Max has been experiencing uncertainty recently with the cancellation or removal of several original projects, ie bat girl Movies, amid its merger with Discovery. With David Zaslav, now head of Warner Bros. Discovery, now head of the media group, he has already implemented cost-cutting measures that have had a major impact on networks like The CW and TNT.

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Launching in 2020, HBO Max quickly saw success thanks to its large movie library and original content, and Warner Bros. released all 2021 theatrical releases simultaneously. HBO Max also concluded with such special events Friend The 20th Anniversary Reunion and Harry Potter Reunion, but now appears to be ditching several movies and shows already Discovery+ in the midst of merger, not doing well with the audience and following the new content guidelines under Zaslav is all set to launch it Summer 2023. The cut in content may also be a preparation to trim the catalog before merging with Discovery+, but either way, original titles remaining on streaming services forever are no longer guaranteed.

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decisive A source at HBO Max reports that the company will now use a case-by-case basis approach to determine when theatrically-released movies will be available to stream. Zaslav called the decision “strategic changeFar from releasing theatrically-released movies directly on HBO Max, viewers wonder how long they’ll have to wait to stream the movies. The changes to the streaming platform’s content releases have already begun. films like elvis, which was originally scheduled for release on HBO Max after a normal 45-day window. Now, it doesn’t have the HBO Max release date and will instead be available to buy and rent on other digital platforms.

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The new case-by-case basis marks the end of the “Project Popcorn” era, in which all Warner Bros. Simultaneous theatrical films To stream on HBO Max in 2021, and then changed to Available to Stream in 2022 after a 45-day theatrical window. This strategy was not well received by the filmmakers and other industry professionals but was a godsend for the viewers stuck at home during the pandemic. And is consuming more content than ever before. However, viewers will now have to wait an unknown amount of time to stream movies on HBO Max, and the content library could change significantly.

HBO Max’s future looks grim compared to its past premium original content, especially with the cancellation of big titles like butgirI, The merger with Discovery+ may have avoided redundancies in the streaming platform, but HBO Max should be wary of cutting costs and switching to unscripted TV shows. Fans are angry about the cancellations and unsure about the future of some fan-favorite titles, and hbo max still seems uncertain Between the merger and the new leadership.

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