Bollywood singer and composer Vishal Dadlani has come to the rescue of viral boy Sahdev Durdo. The youth sensation had recently appeared in rapper Badshah’s edition of ‘Childhood Love’ And Sahdev was mercilessly trolled by the netizens saying that he does not have talent and what he does is not singing etc. Vishal curses the people who say such dirty things about the child and asks them to think and speak because he is just a 10-year old kid. The singer also taught people why they would achieve by putting a small child down.

As the baby went viral overnight, he was picked up by rapper and singer Badshah to create a trendy version of the already viral track. But the audience was not impressed and started slamming and trolling the young boy. Vishal Dadlani listened to those people and told them not to compare one child with another.

Vishal called out people who are pitting themselves against each other by saying that children are better than each other. When Sahdev was invited to grace the stage, he too became the subject of jokes and memes. Indian idol as guest. The 48-year-old singer posted a long video defending the viral boy on his Instagram handle and captioned it, “Aren’t both good? Leave them kids alone”.

Vishal Dadlani said in his video that he sees people saying how a particular boy who sings well should be famous and why childhood sweetheart The boy becomes viral overnight and gets a lot of headlines. He said that both are small children and they should be treated equally and not compared with each other. He further added that one child can sing better than another but just because Sahdev went viral doesn’t mean he should be put down. In the end, he said that one is entertaining and the other is talented and both are good in their own way and people should accept both. In the end, he beat people up and declared them kind because he is just a child and this behavior is not pleasing.

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