Victor finds himself at a crossroads in this exclusive trailer for Victor Love, the final season of Victor – E! online

No one said young love was going to be easy.

Victor (Michael Cimino) are forced to make some major life decisions — all finding themselves in the middle of a high school love triangle — in this exclusive trailer for Hulu’s third and final season love, victor,

The show’s second season ended on a cliff, as Victor was forced to choose between his boyfriend, Benji (George Sears) and novice Rahim (Anthony Keewan) In the third season, Victor learns how to deal with the fallout.

“Did I ever see you the first time I told you?” In the trailer, Victor asks Benji. “Can we go back to that perfect moment. You know, start all over again?”

We know it’s never easy—especially in high school. When Benji asks Victor if anything has happened between him and Rahim, it is not an easy answer.

“There was something between us,” admits Victor. “I thought we were friends and things got confusing.”

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