Venom 2 shows how easy it is to add Deadpool to the MCU

Deadpool is expected to join Disney’s Marvel characters in the MCU, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows just how easy a crossover can be.

Venom: Let There Be Massacre Turns out just how easy it can be to add Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to the MCU. NS marvel cinematic universe 20th Century Fox is expected to reintroduce most of the Marvel characters acquired in the purchase of the X-Men, notably the X-Men, but with Ryan Reynolds expected to reintroduce Deadpool, it has raised many questions as to whether the MCU should be re-introducing Deadpool. How Deadpool will handle canon.

While many of Fox’s Marvel films were hit and miss, both Deadpool’s films were well received. While it may have been complicated for the MCU to bring all the current X-Men actors into the MCU, Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Merck with a Mouth was too popular to protest, raising big questions about whether it was his franchise. as it happens in one of Fox’s X-Men (even though Deadpool’s Canon Could Be Even More Complicated)

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There are several teases about the relationship between Sony’s non-Spider-Man Marvel characters and the MCU, including Michael Keaton’s featured in the trailer for Adrian Tomes morbius, but the audience was still surprised by the scene after the credits. Venom: Let There Be Massacre, in which Eddie Brock and Venom are suddenly taken to the MCU. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And Spider-Man: No Way Home Both will lean heavily into the multiverse, creating opportunities for Marvel characters to hop between franchises, but Venom: Let There Be Massacre Shows they don’t need a complicated explanation (at least the night immediately) when characters can be flashes of light after finding themselves in a new reality.

Venom Doesn't Actually Have a Home in the MCU Spiderman

While this may sound incredibly basic, and while there will certainly be more explanations to come down the road, the mechanics in play may be less interesting than just that for many audience members. these characters sharing the same universe, especially with someone like Deadpool, who would certainly make his own comments about hop between universes. It’s doubtful that Venom’s multiverse hop will remain unexplained forever, but audiences accepting the change without seeing anything more than Tom Holland licking a TV screen isn’t a huge priority.

No need to reserve this simple multiverse hop just for Venom and Deadpool. If Marvel Studios wants to use any of the popular Marvel characters from outside the MCU, now that Venom has led the way, they can hop in and out of them as needed, explaining Doctor Strange’s argument later in a separate film. likely to be removed. Whether this approach is good or bad for the MCU all depends on what they do with the characters once they jump in, but thanks to Venom, we now know it’s a lot more than it looks like. is more easy.

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