Vanderpump Rules’ Shayna Shay Reveals That Their Wedding Date Is All Near – E! online

When asked if Davis’ family would attend the ceremony, Shay revealed that the wedding’s new destination could lead to some travel complications, saying, “I mean, Bali I definitely find the easiest because It’s very close to him. But, a lot of people in his family are still going to be able to make it.”

While some of Davis’ relatives can’t see her saying “I do”, Shay turns Vanderpump Paris into a family affair by surprising her soon-to-be husband with the arrival of her two sisters.

“We shocked her yesterday. She didn’t know her sisters were coming only her mother,” she said. “Her mom was like, ‘I can’t keep the surprise that our sisters are coming,’ but we surprised it. I got the whole thing on video and I’ll post it soon.”

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