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Tom Holland has a very busy movie set ahead for the next few years. Here are all the definite upcoming movies in which the actor will be seen.

many upcoming starring movies tom holland, The young actor likes to keep himself busy, as he is set to star in several big screen projects. Although most of Tom Holland’s upcoming movies are fast-paced action adventures, he’s also trying his hand at a biopic to flex his acting muscles in a new direction. By exploring different genres for Holland’s future projects, he is giving his fans more opportunities to see different sides of him with each new film.

Start your career on stage Billy Elliot the Musical In London’s West End, in which she starred from 2008 to 2010, Hollande’s Hollywood debut was the 2012 J.A. Bayona disaster film, Impossible; It was followed by Ron Howard in the heart of the ocean in 2015. Holland’s big break, however, came when he was introduced as Spider-Man of the MCU in 2016 captain america civil war, His funny, light-hearted approach to Peter Parker immediately made him a worldwide sensation, which Holland has worked hard to maintain.

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Holland has reprized the role several times with great success. He clearly enjoys portraying superheroes since Tom Holland joins three more in future projects Spider Man later movies Spider-Man: No Way Home, From familiar roles to entirely new endeavors, the following list is all of Tom Holland’s upcoming movies that have been confirmed for release.

MCU Spider-Man Movies After No Way Home (TBD)

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next Spider-Man: No Way HomeTom Holland is expected to return to the MCU for three extras Spider Man Movies. Sony producer Amy Pascal shared in an interview (via fandango) She no way home was not the last Spider Man Sony will make a film with Marvel: “We are thinking of it as three films, and now we are going to move on to the next three. This isn’t the last of our MCU moviesThe ownership history of the web-shooting superhero has been somewhat confusing as the rights to the character have been with Sony since 1998, but recent agreements with Marvel have allowed Spider-Man to appear in the MCU. This agreement would allow the possibility of Holland introducing Spider-Man to characters such as Venom, Morbius, and perhaps Miles Morales, continuing for at least three more films.

Unknown (February 11, 2022)

Unknown Nathan Drake Tom Holland

After starring in two novel-based Movies-Chaos Walking And cherry-holland Will try his hand at a video-game film adaptation with unsolved, Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the project will serve as the origin story for Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the popular video game series. unsolvedThe story will take place before the events of the game. Holland plays the lead – a fortune hunter who claims to be a descendant of the popular English explorer Sir Francis Drake. Co-star Mark Wahlberg, on the other hand, will play Victor Sullivan, Nathan’s fellow explorer and mentor. unsolved It is in post-production with the film slated to hit theaters on February 11, 2022.

Untitled Fred Astaire Biopic (TBD)


It was recently confirmed (via) Twitter) She starring Tom Holland In the Fred Astaire biopic for Sony. Astaire was a wildly talented American artist whose skills ranged from acting to singing, choreography, and dancing. She is often regarded as one of the greatest dancers in film history. Holland has a lot of experience portraying Americans, and has proven to be a talented dancer herself, thanks to appearances on shows like lip sync battle, The film is only in pre-production tom holland Still attached to the project, so the film will still take several years to complete.

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  • Uncharted (2022)Release date: February 11, 2022

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