Unsealed court documents in Johnny Depp case reveal alleged pirates of Caribbean incident who did not attend trial

The duel between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp over the defamation lawsuits ended with a verdict in June, but that’s not the end of a longstanding story. The decision has been appealed in Depp’s favor.And now we’re finding out more about the things we didn’t hear during the trial, including allegations of bad behavior by Depp on the set of The Fifth. Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Pre-trial documents have been sealed, revealing a number of things that the judge decided not to accept as evidence during the trial. One of them got to the heart of Depp’s defamation claim. According to the documents (via) Vanity Fair), some incidents happened, one on TV and the other during the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, where Depp was watching “drunk and stoned.” According to Hurd’s legal team…

Mr Depp appeared on TV drunk and pelting stones, to the extent that Disney studio executives called [his former agent Tracey] Jacob is asking ‘What was wrong with your client.’ The same issues surfaced during the filming of Pirates 5 and Disney told Ms Jacobs that the conduct was ‘not tolerable’, Disney ‘wasn’t going to tolerate it’ and ‘there was no love between Johnny and Disney, The Pirates. Gave [F]ivy status.

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