Unknown: Most Challenging Missions from the Video Game Franchise, Ranked

unsolved The series received a resurgence in interest thanks to the film starring Tom Holland, which became a huge success. This has brought players back to the game series where Nathan Drake regularly has to deal with hordes of enemies. While there are over a hundred missions in total, some are particularly difficult.

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While the suspense is part of the fun of the gameplay, it’s worth remembering which missions require players to be prepared and feel that the challenge really comes together. Whether it’s guiding Nate down a rough river stream or on a sinking ship, unsolved There are missions that will test anyone’s skills.

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Chapter 25: Broken Heaven (Unknown 2: Among Thieves)

Heroes who see the tree of life in Unknown 2 Among Thieves

of tom holland unsolved considered to be one of most recent adventure movies, And a lot of the material was taken from levels like “Broken Heaven”. Here, players must pass through a small army of Guardians in Shambhala, who inflict massive amounts of damage until they can be killed.

While Nate, Elena, and Chloe frequently encounter Lazarevi’s forces, the mission doesn’t even stop at human enemies. The dynamic environment that breaks down at frequent intervals also means that players don’t have much time to assemble their bearings.

Chapter 14: Tunnel Vision (Unknown 2: Among Thieves)

Nathan Drake aims a gun in Thieves Unknown 2

Continuing with Nate’s mission of rescuing Chloe, “Tunnel Vision” sees him face off against Lazarevic’s army of mercenaries in a moving train. The difficulty in this level comes from the challenge of aiming as the train turns extremely hard against the mooks shooting in turn.

The presence of a helicopter doesn’t make things any easier to get to Nate, players have to use a turret to bring it down – this is easier said than done because of Nate’s attacks stealing a fast-moving helicopter. The final boss fight can be difficult for those who don’t crack the tactics required to defeat Lazarevi’s lieutenant.

Chapter 20: Race to the Rescue (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune)

Uncharted.  I take cover with Drake's lasers

unsolved movie is one Video game adaptation that doesn’t completely follow the source material Since Tom Holland’s Nate never fought a bunch of enemies. In the first game, players do the same as in “Race to the Rescue”, in which the level is divided into areas where Nate is attacked by Eddie King’s goons.

In particular, it is a shootout in the church in which players can be brutalized by the arrival of many enemies. In addition, there are a variety of bad guys to take down, most with laser scopes that force players to stay in cover and attempt to dispatch them from afar.

Chapter 15: Drowning or Swimming (Unknown 3: Drake’s Deception)

Drake crashes through a glass in Uncharted 3 Drake's deception

It is designed to create a sense of panic within the players, as the environment is progressively destroyed. Nate has to run for his life as the ship slowly fills up with water, the mission is basically about escaping as fast as the players, which is hard to do when things break so easily .

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Many who attempt to kill Nate are involved in the silent challenge – it doesn’t make sense why they try to do so when the ship is about to sink but the players still have to fight them. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect about the mission is that it was revealed that Sully was never there, meaning it was all for naught.

Chapter 20: No Escape (Unknown 4: A Thief’s End)

unknown 4 Features the biggest environment yet in the series and each mission lasts longer. “No Escape” lives up to its name, as the main objective here is to survive. With the climax nearly approaching, players have to flee while Rafe’s armies are roaming every corner.

The mooks here are pretty trigger-happy, to the point where they all look to take off all their ammo if they see Nate. The level design is such that it can secretly attempt to take down baddies, but it’s all so deceptively designed that players are more likely to lose their way when faced with heavy bullets.

Chapter 5: The Fortress (Unknown: Drake’s Fortune)

Nate hangs on a rope in Uncharted Drake's Fortune

it’s hard to believe that unsolved There’s a game that turns 15 in 2022, although the first installment is still arguably the hardest. “The Fortress” also features platforming sequences that can be a challenge, as Nate has to maneuver around the crumbling fortress, with players more likely to make their mark and start all over again.

Of course, the real problem comes when Nate sabotages the fort, which is when Eddie King’s goons go all out trying to kill him. unsolvedK’s villains are blessed with precise aiming, which means players will have to spend a lot of time in cover during this mission if they want to survive in the next one.

Chapter 21: Sands of Atlantis (Unknown 3: Drake’s Deception)

Nate entered the sand of Atlantis in 3 Drake's deception

many think that unsolved is like the sports version of a blockbuster movie, all with high-octane action and a great set piece. The mission is along the same lines, but the sense of wonder soon ends when Nate has to contend with the powers that be with the enemies.

Fighting these enemies can be a real hassle as they have extreme levels of durability and take fire based attacks. The game doesn’t take pity on players when certain environments change and it’s not possible to take cover – Nate basically has to run around avoiding health-destroying attacks.

Chapter 12: The Abduction (Unknown 3: Drake’s Deception)

Nate is caught by pirates in the deception of the unknown 3 Drake

Nate is captured in an attempt to save Sully, leaving him trapped among the pirates. Because of the hordes of enemies it can be a chore to play “Hidden”. The biggest challenge in the area of ​​the ship graveyard unknown 3With gangsters carrying a large number of destructive weapons.

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The environment is also not user-friendly, as Nate has to be controlled through tight spaces during platforming sequences, while open areas are at a disadvantage during combat as enemies can shoot from all directions. This is a mission that can be very forgiving on crushing difficulty.

Chapter 12: Heading Uncharted (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune)

Nate and Elena on a jetski in Uncharted Drake's Fortune

unsolved The title didn’t go well in its first, and such missions can feel rather clunky in execution. Here, Nate and Elena must head upstairs, where enemies attempt to knock them down from high platforms. Not helping matters are the barrels of explosives that pop off at the slightest touch.

Mission reminds Naughty Dogs crash Bandicoot Along the way players have to constantly move around dangerous objects. Moments can be difficult even without a struggle, as hauling huge streams of water up can be a task in itself that requires a lot of trial and error.

Chapter 11: Trapped (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune)

Nate takes cover from an enemy in the fate of the unknown Drake

There isn’t a mission in the entire series where Nate is pinned down as badly as “Trapped.” While there are platforming sequences to be found, players will largely remember the way Nate is behind poorly-built boxes or broken statues while enemies pile up.

The difficulty of the crush can trap many players in this mission as enemy bullets are completely relentless and Nate’s health is rapidly deteriorating. There isn’t much room for strategy, as focusing on enemies on one side allows the rest to sneak up on Nate from the other end.

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