Two-Face is asking Batman for help in the worst possible way

In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, Two-Face asks Batman for help in rescuing his wife, Gilda, but he does it in the worst possible way.

WARNING: FOR SPOILERS Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1

DC Comics’ Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, shows batman And Two Faces Teaming up to rescue Two-Face’s wife, Gilda, who has just been captured by the Calendar Man (aka Julian Day). Despite the longstanding tension between Batman and Two-Face, Two-Face needs his help and asks for it in the worst and Two-Face-esque way possible.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1, written by famed comics creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sell, is a one-shot comic follow-up to the 1996 13-issue series of the same name. The issue starts from where the story left off two decades ago. Fans still want to know the answer to the infamous question: Who is the holiday killer really? According to Loeb, he hinted at the identity of the Holiday Killer in the original series, but apparently, only the most eagle-eyed readers picked it up. This new issue looks at former collaborator Two-Face and Batman duo To save Two-Face’s beloved wife, Gilda Dent, Two-Face (aka Harvey Dent), has gone insane ever since Maroney, one of Gotham’s biggest gangsters, threw acid in his face, leaving half of his face scorched. Two-Face is known for doing things in two-for-two, so when he (reluctantly) asks for Batman’s help with this issue, his dual personality is always present.

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In Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 Gilda Dent and Two-Face are reunited after being apart for a while. Despite the half-villain nature of Two-Face, the two are deeply devoted to each other. it’s halloween night and they are enjoying a romantic dinner Together. However, their evening falls short when the doorbell rings. Two-Face clearly gets nervous and wonders who might know about their whereabouts, but Gilda assures him that it’s just trick-or-treaters looking for Candy. Gilda opens the door to find the Calendar Man standing there, knocks him unconscious and captures him. Two-Face is still in the kitchen, pouring out more wine, unaware of what just happened. But, when he learns that his wife is missing, he suspects Julianne Day is behind it. Believing that he will need outside help to find his wife, he uses the Bat-signal to summon Batman, but this time the symbol looks a bit different. It has a jagged line down the middle and is missing on the right. Therefore, When the Bat-signal lights up the night sky, Batman and Commissioner Gordon both immediately make the connection that Two-Face is the one asking for help.

Batman goes to Two-Face’s location and finds that half of his Bat-signal is broken. Two-Face lives in duality and his devotion to living in two is striking in these panels. While it is possible that he sabotaged part of the Bat-Signal in an attempt to reiterate his current dislike for Batman, it is also likely that it served as a brief peace offering. This new version of the Bat-signal represents their former ally, but the jagged line in the middle is reminiscent of the rift in their relationship resulting from Harvey Dent’s distrust of Batman. Since their development in Two-Face, To save his wife, Two-Face has no choice but to ask for Batman’s help and this signifies a bond between the pair, though injured, may not be completely broken.

Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 Brings ex-friends-now-enemies, Two Faces And batman Together in an effort to save Gilda. This leaves some hope for fans looking for a possible reconciliation between the two.

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