True Hollywood Story wraps up James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s mega feud – E! Online

There is no chance of makeup here.

In an exclusive peek at tonight’s new E! True Hollywood Story, airing November 8, experts weigh in “Epic Beauty Fight” Among former BFF influencers tati westbrook And James Charles, whose competing brands led to “Dramageddon” in 2019.

“Something you’ll see a lot in the YouTube community is only going to be a stab in the back,” says YouTube drama channel expert Ashley Kyle Explains in preview. “And you might think you’re best friends, and then you’re just… no.”

As Refinery29 senior beauty writer Amy Simeon Notes, “There’s a fine line between loyalty and money, and I think these YouTubers go from friends and followers and Instagram friends to become competitors in this market place.”

Back in 2019, Tati launched Halo Beauty, but apparently didn’t get support from James, culminating in a Coachella mess-up to insane proportions.

“Chinese bear hair [James] VIP ticket in exchange for posting an Instagram story,” Beauty Influencer Hannah “Smoky Glow” states. “It was a direct competitor to Hello Beauty, so they basically promoted their contest when they were supposedly best friends.”

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