Tovala Sale: The oven is now on Oprah’s list of favorite things to do for $99 – E! Online

If Oprah’s seal of approval isn’t enough, just check out some great customer reviews.

“Where has this oven been my whole life? I feel like I can get my life back knowing I don’t have to spend precious time cooking! The food is great and everything cooks perfectly. If you’re in the same house, this oven is a necessity.”

“Once you visit Towla, you can’t go back. We’ve tried all the other food preparation services from CookUnity, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Factor 75, etc. From packaging to packaging, Towla Uno Light years ahead of everyone else. Complete end-to-end system for heating. These meals are delicious, as fresh as they get, and are always perfectly cooked. Don’t make the mistake we made of hesitating to buy one for years. It’s a true game changer for at-home prepared meals.”

“Didn’t know how amazing these meals would be! I’m still amazed at the awesome quality and variety of food that Tovala turns out to be. Love it as a healthy alternative to fast food and eating out.”

“My husband and I are so glad we discovered Tovala! After working for over 40 years, we retired a few years ago and wanted to indulge in our hobbies, meet new friends, and just Wanted to enjoy our new lifestyle. Hours spent grocery shopping, cooking and cooking, and cleaning dishes are not things we want to give our time anymore. We thought, ‘Let’s try Tovla and See if this oven/food service works. We absolutely love it! Tovala is really cost-efficient because now we don’t have to buy so many different food ingredients that we waste because it It spoils before we can use it, or we don’t feel like devoting hours to cooking and cooking. We tell all our retired friends and neighbors they should try Towla – it’s literally saved us money , and we eat better and healthier than ever!”

“So impressed! Loving our towla! The food has been great. The portion size is perfect. The food is great for busy weeks, and my husband who doesn’t cook can make these meals. Oven use It’s easy to do and with the app, it’s very versatile.”

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