Top 11 Yu-Gi-Oh! hero monster

Heroes are a core part of Monster Yu-Gi-Oh! gx The series has been a mainstay in competitive sport for over a decade. Heroes come in many different forms: elemental, fate, vision, masked, and evil being the major iterations.

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While most of the original elemental heroes and their fusions aren’t the strongest, Konami has produced plenty of incredible hero cards throughout the years that have pervaded the competitive metagame. Considering both the longevity and overall power factors is to figure out which hero is the greatest of them all.

1 1 Original Hero Neos Alias

Elemental Hero Neos Elias is a Gemini Monster that can behave as Elemental Hero Neos if it were called Gemini. However, the influence of Alius was not the only reason he saw the game.

Gemini monsters have a strange place in the history of the game, with Neos Elias arguably the most played of them all. Elias saw the game in the Hero Beat deck, where he would be sacrificed using a Gemini Spark and then used as Marvel Fusion material to summon a powerful Fusion monster.

10 fate hero diamond man

Hira Yaar Yugioh

Destiny Hero Diamond Dude has one of the most unique effects in the game. Diamond Dude allows the player to shuffle a card. If the milled card is a spell, the player may use the card’s effect on the next turn without paying its cost.

In the anime, Diamond Dude was used by one of the Jaden’s three main Yu-Gi-Oh! their rivals: Aster Phoenix. Aster used the Diamond Dude for a variety of strategies, but TCG players mostly use him for a chance to cast spells or dig magic stones to collect pieces for a powerful OTK combo. This deck became known as the “Diamond Dude Turbo” and was an important part of Meta in its time.

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9 evil hero malicious ban

become malicious yugioho

one of the reasons gx so dear Yu-Gi-Oh! Chain Supreme King is the arc where Jaden falls on the dark side and uses the Evil Heroes. In recent years, the game has introduced a new boss monster for Evil Heroes: the malicious Bane, which cannot be destroyed by combat or card effects.

Malicious Bane was a cornerstone of the popular 2020 HERO deck that amalgamated all kinds of HERO monsters. Monster found it difficult to deal with the threat that Fusion spamming tactics could overwhelm the couple. Not only could it outperform most of the cards in the game by its effectiveness, but it had few answers to its immunity to destruction.

8 Original Hero Prisma

Prisma Yugioho

Elemental Hero Prisma allows the controller to send a monster from their deck to the graveyard to copy its name, as long as the monster’s name is a material for a fusion monster in the player’s additional deck.

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Prisma’s finest moments weren’t actually in Hero Deck, she found her main home with Gladiator Beasts. Not only did they provide easy access to Gladiator Beast Fusion monsters with their name change effect, but the ability to send Gladiator Beasts from deck to graveyard came in handy.

7 original hero bubbleman

bubbleman yujioho

one of the bubbleman Beloved Yu-Gi-Oh! gx hero jaden yuki The most used monster, and for good reason. While the anime effect of draw 2 cards was made more situational in the actual game, the ability to special summon made it a stronger card.

Bubbleman saw the most drama in Hero Beat, where he was used to help create a Rank 4 Xyz monster with his special summoning effect. His biggest use was once he was in the graveyard, so players could abuse his water attribute for Miracle Fusion for Elemental Hero Absolute Zero, one of the most powerful boss monsters in the game at the time.

6 Elemental Hero Shadow Mist

shadow mist yugioh

Elemental Hero Shadow Mist was a hero card created specifically to support the Masked Hero motif, allowing players to add Mask Change to their hand when specifically called upon. On top of that, Shadow Mist could search for a hero when sent to the graveyard.

Until Ash Blossom and Joyce Spring, there wasn’t much of a countermeasure to using A Hero Lives to bring out Shadow Mist. It was a brutal combo that made the deck containing the HERO monsters much stronger. Shadow Mist has seen play in a number of hero decks throughout the years and has even seen some play in non-hero decks thanks only to its ability to bring out the masked hero Dark Law.

5 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

absolute zero yugioh

Perhaps the strongest hero fusion monster in the game, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero has fairly simple requirements to fuse any hero and any water attribute monster. For that cost, players can get 2500 attack monsters that can destroy all monsters the opponent controls.

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Elemental Hero Absolute Zero was the star of Hero Beat and the only monster that made the deck viable in its time. The hero can summon a rank 4 Xyz monster with Beat Bubbleman and another hero, then remove both of those monsters with Marvel Fusion to summon Absolute Void. There were few decks that could maintain their territory after monsters were wiped out to absolute zero.

4 Destiny Hero Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer

destroyer yugioh

Fusion may not have started Strong Yu-Gi-Oh! summon mechanicBut recent improvements to Fusion spells have allowed Fusion Monsters to dominate competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Including the Destiny Hero Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer, a ruthless fusion monster that can continually regenerate itself.

Destiny Hero Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer’s ability to constantly regenerate itself, along with its ability to destroy cards controlled by an opponent every once in a while, make it one of the most difficult cards to deal with in the game’s history. Phoenix Destroyer has been a recent addition to the game, but with Fusion Destiny and PredaPlant Verte Anaconda, the new Destiny Hero completely dominates modern competitive play.

3 masked hero dark law

dark law yugioho

Dark Law is not a traditional Fusion Monster. It can only be summoned by the Mask Change Card, and the consequences of the transformation are dire. Dark Law makes opponents make their cards disappear instead of sending them to the graveyard, an effect that shuts down many strategies entirely.

if two things are competing Yu-Gi-Oh! Known for manipulation and discovery of cemeteries. Dark Law has effects that cripple both, making him a dominant force both in Hero Deck and otherwise. The Dark Law is so strong that Burning Abyss and other Dark Deck have played Mask Change II to summon him.

2 Original Hero Stratos

Original Hero Stratos

Elemental Hero Stratos 2 is a timeless monster with powerful effects. The first allows it to find any HERO monster upon summon, and the second lets it destroy opposing magic and trap cards. The second effect is nice, but the first is why the Stratos became so powerful.

The Elemental Hero Stratos has been the cornerstone of dozens of competitive decks, including game-breaking Tier 0 decks like the Airblade Turbo and Teledad. Stratos is so strong that it was banned for a very long time, and has even been seen in competitive decks as recently as 2020.

1 fate hero malicious

fate hero malicious

By removing a copy of Destiny Hero Malicious from the graveyard, the player can summon a new copy of Malicious from the deck. Effect sounds innocent, but Malicious isn’t the best hero monster ever: he’s one of the best combo enablers in the game’s history.

The ability to summon multiple level 6 monsters in one turn has been abused throughout the game’s history. TeleDAD, Diva HEROES, and dozens of other combo decks have incorporated malicious as a core part of their strategy over the years. It should come as no surprise that Konami recently had to limit Malicious to 2 copies so that players can only use his effect once.

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