Tom Holland was terrified of Alfred Molina’s Doctor OK as a kid

Tom Holland talks about his first impressions of Doctor Octavius ​​from Spider-Man 2, Alfred Molina, saying he was intimidated by the character.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tom Holland revealed that when he was younger, he was afraid of his co-star, Alfred Molina, Doctor OK. Molina acted in Sam Raimi’s 2004 spider man 2 As the multi-legged villain, Doctor Otto Octavius, known more often by his nickname “Doc Ok”. The sequel, which also starred Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, followed the story of Parker as he struggled with his Spider-Man identity and was confronted by the people of New York City. Should I continue to fight for it or not?

At the end of spider man 2, Doctor OK falls into a river, appears to have died, but Molina is ready to reprise her role Spider-Man: No Way Home, this time facing off against Peter Parker’s version of Holland. While no plot has been confirmed regarding Doc Ok’s appearance in the new film, Spider Man: no way homes Director Jon Watts shared that the villain’s story would begin with that point of perceived death and character’s self-sacrifice. It has also been confirmed that Molina has been subjected to de-aging techniques, as used on Robert Downey Jr. captain america civil war and on Samuel L. Jackson captain marvel.

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Construction Molina looks like she did spider man 2 Could be a problem for Holland, as he admitted he was afraid of Doctor OK when he was younger. Holland, who was only 8 years old when spider man 2 released, explained in an interview with Empire (Via CBR), that he was terrified of Molina when he saw the complete get-up of the Doc Ok character. He also explained that he liked Maguire’s original. Spider Man trilogy

“I was obsessed with Raimi’s movies. I remember the first time I saw Alfred in his costume, and he had glasses, and he was wearing his belt, which was attached to the legs. And I remember is, as I [sic] The child is afraid of him.”

Doc Oak Captured Spider-Man in No Way Home

While he must have feared the original Doctor OK, when Holland met Molina on set, he mentioned that the actors were really good and shared that the two had a great time working together. Holland also mentioned how fun it was to see Molina working with new technology for his character’s arms, which was not available at the time. spider man 2. Originally, Doc Oak’s arms were puppets attached to a belt, which Molina himself had to manipulate. For Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland shared that Doc Ock’s arms are all computer-generated now, so Molina had to learn how to act with different technology.

Holland being able to star with Molina was probably a good experience for the actor, allowing his experience Spider Man To go full circle. It’s kind of sweet that an 8-year-old Holland was terrified of Doctor OK, but now he gets to work with the actor for one of the most anticipated New additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be interesting to see what role Doc will play in OK’s plot Spider Man: no way home And if Holland would tap into his childhood fears of the character, it would bring a sense of authenticity to his portrayal of Spider-Man.

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Source: Empire (CBR)

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