Tom Holland talks about becoming the next James Bond, says co-star

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man co-star Jacob Batalon, who plays Peter’s best friend, Ned, revealed that the British actor talks a lot about being James Bond.

According to him Spider Man Co-stars Jacob Batten, Tom Holland talk about being next James Bond A lot Holland quickly became one of them The most recognizable and sought-after stars in the world after his first turn as Spider-Man in captain america civil war, Now with two hugely successful standalone Spider Man With films under his belt, as well as a few short films, Hollande is once again the center of pop culture’s attention, having garnered a plethora of premieres. Spider-Man: No Way Home grows closer.

no way home Holland isn’t the only big movie ahead of him, however, with a video game adaptation. unsolved To be released next year. In the film, Holland will play adventurer and treasure hunter Nathan Drake alongside co-star Mark Wahlberg, who is set to play Victor “Sully” Sullivan. If you look at the recent trailer, the film will see Holland losing her weird teenage qualities Spider Man movies and adoption slightly more mature adult personality around this time.

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in a new article from GQNed actor Jacob Batten hints that Hollande’s ambitions go beyond justice Spider Man And unsolved And that another big franchise could be in the eyes of the star. According to Batten, Holland often talks about being a superspy James Bond. ,He talks a lot about being James Bond. a lot a lot,” Batalone said.

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Daniel Craig’s Race As Bond Comes With A Certain Ending no time to dieBond’s future is very much up in the air at the moment. Although Craig was in his mid-30s when he first encountered Bond casino Royale, it’s entirely possible that the next iteration of the character is shorter and more naive. Together Holland’s worldwide appeal and equalityOf course, it certainly seems within the realm of possibility that he could play Bond in the future (if he’s serious about playing the role, of course).

Although audiences have seen Holland take on more serious roles with the likes of the devil all the time And cherryOf course, he hasn’t played any role yet that would allow him to really alter class and allure and flex those bond muscles, so to speak. That said, for the trailer unsolved Holland is shown in a suit for several scenes and, although he is sporting an American accent for the film, the scenes certainly evoke 007’s thoughts. As no way home As Holland’s Spider-Man Looks Like the End of the Race, Chances Are more space in their program Roles outside the MCU to explore over the next few years, and it looks like James Bond might be one of them.

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Source: GQ

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