Tom Hardy Continues To Play James Bond, But Two Other Favorites Are Returning

As we enter the final stages of the holiday season, 2022 is always getting brighter on the horizon. It’s especially worth noting if you’re a fan of James Bond, as the 60th anniversary celebration includes some surprising new developments for all things 007. Not sure if this may involve casting Daniel Craig’s no time to die Era successor, but that didn’t stop Tom Hardy from staying on top to play Bond. Nor has it deterred the two fans from making a comeback.

Where do the James Bond odds currently stand?

We once again turn to the numbers from the betting firm of Coral (via) the express,) and the results are broken down in an interesting fashion. when we last updated Playground, the small clash that saw Hardy and Tom Hooper sharing the leading position was still held together. As you can tell from the introduction, and the numbers we’re about to show you are no longer a reality. Here’s where the James Bond odds currently stand:

  • Tom Hardy – 4-1
  • Reggae-Gene Pages – 9-2
  • Henry Cavill – 6-1
  • Tom Hooper – 7-1
  • Idris Elba, Richard Madden and James Norton – 8-1
  • Riz Ahmed – 10-1
  • Luke Evans – 12-1
  • Lashana Lynch – 14-1
  • Jamie Bell, Callum Turner and Sam Heughan – 16-1

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