Tom Felton Revisited Universal’s Wizarding World This Weekend to Attend a Butterbeer (But I’m Jealous of His VIP Pass)

if you are older harry potter fans, then the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is probably a dream destination. if you . happened to act in harry potter movies, it seems that may still be the case. Tom Felton, aka the Draco Malfoy from the movies, recently stopped by the theme park for a round of Butterbeer, and while his drink looks refreshing, we can’t help but wonder what kind of VIP life is. How to taste what they feel to enjoy.

In many ways, Tom Felton has been one of them. harry potter The cast’s biggest MVP in the years since the franchise wrapped production. He constantly engages with fans, posts throwbacks and shares updates reunion with other artists To delight Potterheads around the world. So if anyone has earned a day off at Three Broomsticks, it’s him. He was able to do just that when he recently visited Wizarding World in Orlando. He also shared a new update with fans to let them know that they were having a good time. Take a look at her decidedly on-brand Instagram post below:

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