Tom Cruise Reportedly Made a Royal Guff with Kate Middleton at the Top Gun: Maverick Premiere, But Was It a Big Deal?

As a leading man in Hollywood for the past several decades, Tom Cruise is very used to being in the driver’s seat—or should we say, the pilot’s seat. He famously performs his own film stunts, which include Stunt for his Vengeance role Recently released Top Gun: Maverick, Recently, there is talk that the actor may have made his mark when it comes to Kate Middleton, a member of the royal family, at the London premiere of the sequel. However, was it as big a deal as some were making it?

Simply put, Top Gun: Maverick The premiere on May 19 was a long-awaited test. Not only has it apparently been several years since the original 1986 film came out, but the release of the new iteration has been delayed several times due to COVID. In the end, however, it emerged to see daylight, and it was truly a royal affair. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the screening and basically, the elegance was dripping. Still, her glam outfit didn’t capture the attention of online viewers — it was Tom Cruise who helped Kate Middleton climb some of the stairs, as you can see below.

(Image credit: Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Now, under normal circumstances, helping a woman on the stairs in America can be seen as a very gentle gesture. Unfortunately, since this is the British royal family we’re talking about, Tom Cruise’s gesture was questioned by some online as a possible misstep. In other words, you can’t possibly just touch a royal hand, even if you’re the star of a movie night event.

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