Tom Cruise Has a Message for Fans as a Top Gun Movie Hits Theaters for the First Time in 36 Years

It’s been three decades since audiences first saw Tom Cruise take to the skies for the first time gun, Of course, now, he’s back for more with the recently released Wisdom and Maturity Top Gun: Maverick, But the follow-up blockbuster was much more than just recreating the original film for the Hollywood star. Cruise had a message for fans as the jet-fighting sequel hit theaters for the first time in 36 years.

proving how he committed top Gun Fans are nothing new for the Oscar nominee. He took instagram To tell them how they influenced Blockbuster. Cruise revealed that he, the cast and crew had made the big-budget film “for the big screen.” He shut down his sweet message by giving fans a shout out to the film being due. You can check out the celebratory message from the actor’s Instagram story below.

(image credit: Instagram)

Hope, the post didn’t make you feel ancient. It’s great to know that Tom Cruise, the cast and crew created a sequel in this three-decade production for movie-goers to enjoy. Fans want to “enjoy the ride” when they head to theaters to see the movie. Catching up on the sequel’s bumpy road, two years after its release, cathartic audiences have been anticipating it. Of course, it may be the same for them Impossible Goal As an actor, he fought for the theatrical release of the film. now what, Rogue Looking forward to be a celebration for all involved.

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