Tiny Tina Wonderlands: All Lucky Dice Locations in Tangledrift

There are 21 Lucky Dies to find in Tangledrift, and finding them all will improve the fate of the Fatmaker in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

in Tiny Tina WonderlandsThere are 21 lucky dice that the fatmakers must find in the Tangledrift location. Tangledrift is an area that players gain access to at the start of the game, where a giant beanstalk has sprouted and Driftwood has split off from the city. By taking all kinds of slides and lifts from place to place, the fatmaker will eventually be able to find all the lucky dice in the area.

similar to others Lucky Dice Locations Tiny Tina Wonderlands, Fatmakers will need to complete both the main story and some side quests in Tangledrift to find all the collectibles. Players will visit most of the Lucky Dice locations during the main story or by following the main path, but if they open the map they will find that Tangledrift has several small islands scattered around. Each island on the map is guaranteed to have at least one Lucky Die, and the locations below will move players from one die to another without backpedaling too much.

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Lucky dice are probably the most important collectibles Tiny Tina Wonderlands Because they increase the fate of the fatmaker. While each dice increases the stats little by little, all 260 . detects Lucky Dice In Tiny Tina Wonderlands Will permanently increase a player’s luck by 35%. This massive boost to Luck will greatly improve your chances of finding more Legendary loot during all activities in the game, allowing Fatmakers to be fully prepared during their Wonderlands adventure.

All the lucky places in Tanglerift

All the lucky places in Tanglerift

While in Tangledrift be sure to pay attention to the compass, as well as the massive map, as the lucky dice below follow strict directions from one to the next. Tangledrift can sometimes be difficult to navigate, so be sure to refer to previous Lucky Dice locations to find the next Lucky Dice locations as well. Fortunately, whenever players find and activate Lucky Dice In Tiny Tina WonderlandsA gold pattern has been left on the ground indicating that the die has already been claimed at that place.

  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 1: From the entrance to Tangledrift, head south to the area where the skeletons emerge after going down the first slide. Lucky Die is on a box next to the house to the right.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 2: Go to the bridge ahead of the rune switch and find the next Lucky Die on the haystack in the farmhouse on the left.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 3: turn from the haystack and go to the other side of the area where the farmer’s stand is to grab the next lucky die location Tiny Tina Wonderlands,
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 4: Turn from the farmer’s stand and go through the teleporter. Talk with the Necromancer Joseph to start a side quest called a small favor, Go inside Joseph’s house to find the next Lucky Die.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 5: Go past the same island to find Lucky Die in the picnic setup.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 6: To find the next Lucky Die among some crates, go to the marble spot on the map, west of the second fast travel point.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 7: In What’s Left of Driftwood, go to the island a little southeast of the vending machines to find Lucky Die on the balcony of the house that faces the northeast of the island.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 8: During burning hunger Side Quest, or later, go to the island that is directly east of the previous one. it lucky die location Tiny Tina Wonderlands Hop in front of the door at the north-eastern tip of the island.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 9: To find the next Lucky Die, reach the small island on the eastern side of the map which is to the left of a larger island.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 10: As the Fatmaker makes its way down the slide in the southeast area of ​​the map, jump to land on the left platform to be taken to the farthest island to the east. Lucky Die is next on the southernmost of the islands.

Lucky Dice Locations in Tiny Teenage Wonderlands: Tangledrift
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 11: To reach the next lucky die, slide the above slide down to reach the next key area. After landing, head straight west to find the next Lucky Die on the cobblestone wall.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 12: next lucky die location Tiny Tina Wonderlands Lucky Die is in the same house as 11 in the southern part of the island. play through ron rivote Side quest to get access to the house.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 13: Fast travel to Murder Church to find the next Lucky Die in the cathedral, a little northwest of the vending machines. Look for a wall that is flashing and/or moving, then scramble against the wall when Lucky Die appears.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 14: Using flowers that open during this time walking stalk Search, once again reach the next Lucky Die inside the cathedral. It will be located a little southeast of Lucky Die Vending Machine.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 15: Take the slide that leaves the field, but jump to the right to reach a ledge. Afterwards, follow the path to reach the next lucky die location Tiny Tina Wonderlands,
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 16: After taking the slide to the next area, look to the wooden balcony south of the landing point to find the next Lucky Die.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 17: Keep heading northwest along the pathway, then turn left to find the next Lucky Die at the edge of the beanstalk.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 18: Look for the magic mirror on the second floor of the palace. Walk in it to find the next Lucky Die.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 19: Early Magic Mirror To the left of the entrance is another Lucky Die that can only be accessed using the Flower Platform.
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 20: Before leaving the island, head to the northeast section and look for another flashing/moving wall. Scramble the wall to find the next lucky die location Tiny Tina Wonderlands,
  • Tangledrift Lucky Dice 21: Move the slide to the boss’s arena. After defeating the parasite, catch Lucky Die on the island where the Fatmaker is teleported.

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Tiny Tina Wonderlands Available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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