TikToker CelinaSpookyBoo broke down while talking about husband Adam’s head injury – E! online

tiktok star selinaspookibu opening up about her husband, adam myersAnd he had suffered a head injury five years ago.

Social media sensation- whose real name is Selina MyersKnown for cracking jokes on her husband on TikTok, she has garnered over 25 million followers on the app in less than three years. However, according to Selina, his life is no laughing matter as Adam is battling medical complications after accidentally hitting his forehead on a pole in their garden in 2017.

in a new Youtube video Posted on April 22, Selina cried while discussing the aftermath of the injury, sharing with viewers, “I don’t think Adam has the quality of life.”

“There is no moment when he is comfortable,” she continued. “He has to be in his room and he can’t really do anything with his arms. Everything makes him worse at the moment.”

Selina said, while Adam can feed and dress himself, he suffers from “severe headaches”, struggles with sleep and is uncomfortable around bright lights and noises. He also gets dizzy and nauseous from time to time. As a result, Adam rarely leaves the house to socialize with people and often stays at home to keep quiet.

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