Tick, Tick… Boom!: What fans are saying about the Lin-Manuel Miranda-led musical

“Stop, Can Andrew Garfield Sing? What can’t he do?” Those are some of the questions that have been swirling around since its release. Tick, tick… BOOM! on netflix. Music, directed by Joe hamiltonLin-Manuel Miranda, Recently landed on the streaming service. In fact, it’s getting some good buzz. Let us know what the fans are saying about the film.

Tick, tick… BOOM! The musical is an adaptation of a 2001 semi-autobiographical book by Jonathan Larson about his journey as a musician in New York City. The film tells the story behind the playwright Rent before he was known for Rent, It doubles as a sad true story and a thought-provoking tale about the life and complexities of being an artist.

movie is Reviews from critics Overall and the audience also agrees this time too. but what about Tick, tick… BOOM! Talking to people in particular? It’s time to break it.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Andrew Garfield is incredible as Jonathan Larson

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