Thor Should Never Have Survived Infinity War, And Iron Man Has Proved It

In the Marvel Comics issue of Iron Man, Thor’s power level and durability are clearly set out and they show that he should never have survived Infinity War.

there are some things that can kill ThorGod of Thunder, and the MCU showcased that fact beautifully, as well during his many victories while fighting iron ManCaptain America and the other Avengers, although Thor’s sheer strength was notably shown in the film Avengers: Infinity War, However, an Iron Man comic reveals that the MCU pushed Thor’s limits a little too far, proving that he should never have survived. infinity war,

in mcu movie Avengers: Infinity War, the film opens with Thanos destroying Thor’s ship, killing Loki, Heimdall and several other Asgardians in his sleep. Thanos destroys the ship and runs away, leaving Thor for dead. the god of thunder survived With the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy and he vows to pay Thanos for his actions. To complete his assassination mission, Thor needs to create a Thanos-killing weapon using the heat of a star. To do this, Thor would have to manually open the cage around the star and exert all of his energy for a fairly long period, but Since he is an Asgardian godHe survives with minor injuries.

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in iron Man Volume. 2 #6 Scott Lobdell, Jim Lee, while Portacio, and Ryan Benjamin, Avengers and the Fantastic Four face a potentially disastrous issue at their home base. During this race, the Avengers are headquartered on an island and have a gamma-radiated energy core at its center. In this case, that core is overheating and on the verge of becoming nuclear which could cause untold destruction not only for their convenience, but for the entire planet. To prevent this from happening, Thor and Thing volunteer to go to the corps and manually shut it down because they are the only ones who believe they are strong enough to handle the task. However, once they are at the bottom, the heat released from the core increases rapidly, and Iron Man sends a message Telling them through com-link, “God thunder or not- your skin is capable of burning bone!This shows that the temperature of the core is hot enough to kill even Thor, As it turned out, Iron Man was right, and the Hulk had to go down and retrieve Thor and the Thing as they passed out moments later.

Thor should not have survived Infinity War.

This comic shows that the gamma-radiated energy is strong enough to kill or at least seriously injure Thor, far beyond his power level. Avengers: Infinity War, If an energy core is enough to take out the God of Thunder, then the full force of a star should have been able to do the work with ease.

The only caveat here is that this takes place within a comic book issue. Marvel Comics resumed continuity rebirth of heroes It could therefore be argued that this is not the best example of each character’s canonical power limit. However, it is believed that this New World is indistinguishable from the original as each character was moved entirely to the Pocket Dimension by Franklin Richards, with all of their power levels and basic history intact. Therefore, on the basis of Thorlimits set in iron Man Humor, he should never have escaped Avengers: Infinity War,

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