Thor Love and Thunder: 10 Marvel Characters Who Might Appear (Which Haven’t Been Confirmed)

Thor: Love and Thunder Only a few months away and there’s still little that fans know for sure about the fourth God of Thunder’s solo franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe. With only one trailer released, fans are left with a lot to rave about the film’s potential twists and surprises.

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Because Marvel Studios has been so tight-lipped about the film as a whole, many fans believe it could have plenty of fun surprises, including possible cameos other than the already confirmed Marvel characters. Huh. As such, there are many characters that make perfect sense to show up in this latest Thor thin crust.

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Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster in Thor Ragnarok

Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster steals the show amid his limited number of scenes Thor: Ragnarok, which introduced him as a powerful gamesman with a gambling appetite and a high ego. Apart from a cameo appearance in an episode of, the character has not been seen since his first appearance. what if…?

A character as important as Grandmaster is certainly intended for more than one appearance, and if any upcoming MCU movie is the best candidate for his long-awaited return, it certainly is. love and need, Returning for more scenes with the same cast and director who first brought him to the big screen seems like the best bet for Grandmaster’s next appearance.


Surtur talks to Thoreau

Surtur, although a relatively minor character in comparison, is one of Some successful villains in the MCU, whose fate was to destroy Asgard when Ragnarok’s day finally came. So the finale Thor: Ragnarok Powerful fire demons were involved who were destroying the home of the Asgardians as they watch from a refugee vessel.

Surtur is one of the very few opponents who has yet to be defeated or incapacitated in some way, which means he is still free to wreak havoc throughout the universe. However, in view of love and needThe main villain of the U.S. is revealed to be Gor the God Butcher, it seems more than likely that the god would be one of the antagonist’s early victims, with his death probably bringing Gore to Thor’s attention in the first place. .

Dr. Darcy Lewis

WandaVision Darcy Lewis Chips

After a long sabbatical, Kat Dennings returns to the MCU as Darcy Lewis wandavision, The character, now sporting a doctorate, was missing since Dark world, But now seems to be back.

With Darcy back in the franchise, many wondered if she could be reunited with Thor. love and need After a gap of almost a decade. Dennings himself has confirmed that he has already filmed his next MCU project wandavision And, although she claims it is not Thor 4She won’t be the first Marvel actress to lie about her involvement in a highly anticipated chapter of the Marvel film series.

Dr. Eric Selvigo

Eric Selwig teaching at the institution.

Stellan Skarsgrd’s Dr. Eric Selvig was a major contributor to the early years of the MCU, appearing in the first two years. Thor films as well as the first two avengers Team-up. except for an illustrated cameo Spider-Man: Far From HomeMeritorious scientists have been absent from the MCU for a long time.

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Skarsgard’s association with the MCU seems to have ended after Avengers: Age of Ultron, because the character hasn’t made a comeback yet. However, given the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that her trusted partner would show up with her, reuniting the original team, Thor.

Amora the Enchantress

Amora the Enchantress in Marvel Comics

A major comic character in the larger mythology of Thor’s life that has yet to be adapted for the MCU, is very important. Amora the Enchantress is a frequent villain in Thor’s comics who also happens to be an Asgardian goddess. The character has long been hopeful for fans, some of whom already have some opinion. Which actress should bring the sorceress to life?

The Enchantress is probably the most high-profile Thor villain ever overlooked by the MCU. While some themes about the character are evident in Sylvie’s character bottle gourd series, fans are still eager to see Amora herself make her live-action debut. Assume love and need Will obviously deal more with multiple gods of different gods, perhaps the Asgardian goddess will eventually find her place in this franchise.


moon night khonshu character shot

Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, is a new arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, offering fans of the Egyptian Moon Gods Gods series that is currently airing. Moon Knight Disney+ series. F. Voiced by Murray Abrahams, Khonshu imparts his powers to Mark Spector and Steven Grant as Moon Knight and Mr. Knight respectively.

Moon Knight Its first few episodes have opened the door to many other religious cults in the MCU. love and need It promises to do so to an even greater extent when it hits theaters in July. Anything to Do with Christian Bale’s Villain Who Labels Himself as God, Many Fans Have Wondered What Khonshu may find himself in Gore’s crosshairs.


Gamora holding her dagger.

Zoe Saldana’s Gamora was tragically killed in the midst of her father Thanos’ search for the Infinity Stones Avengers: Infinity War. However, with an alternate-reality version of the Guardian left trapped in the MCU after the events of avengers: endgameMany fans have wondered when Gamora will next be seen.

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Seems like a possible inclusion for Gamora love and need Given the participation of his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy in the film. When he was last seen, Thor and the Guardian were on a mission to locate the missing Gamora, making it seem inevitable that the character would appear in some fashion in his next appearance, even if only in post-credits. be in the scene.

super strong man

The Battle of Hercules and Thor in Marvel Comics.

Hercules is a frequently used Avenger in comics that has not yet appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As both a friend and rival of Thor, the character seems like an imperative in the franchise, with some fans going so far as to start theorizing about it. Who could have played Hercules for the MCU.

first trailer for love and need confirmed a long-standing rumor that the film would introduce Greek gods to the MCU, beginning with Russell Crowe’s Zeus. However, given the underlying connection between Zeus and his child Hercules, it seems, if not certain, that the Avenger would also make its debut here.

beta ray bill

Beta Ray Bill probably deserves this The Marvel Comics of the 90s that fans are most eager to see join the MCU. Corbinite is a frequent companion of Thor in superhero comics and a typical wielder of Stormbreaker. In addition to a cameo appearance as one of the chiefs in the Grandmaster’s Palace Thor: RagnarokBeta Ray Bill hasn’t made his MCU debut yet.

Fans had been demanding Beta Ray Bill’s inclusion in the franchise for some time, and they had to do so with minor references to the character’s existence. However, with a director like Taika Waititi, it looks like this quirky and beloved hero may be on his way.

bottle gourd

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been a major part of the MCU and Thor franchise from the very beginning, acting as the perfect foil for his brother. Since the character’s death in the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity WarMany assumed that the god of mischief would be absent from the fourth Thor film, but not necessarily so.

to receive Thor Without Loki the movie almost feels like heresy in the MCU. As one of the biggest breakout stars of the franchise, Loki is a character that fans can’t get enough of. With the god of mischief resurrected at another time, it’s certainly not impossible that he will appear at some point. love and needEven if it’s only a small cameo.

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