This Week in Top Gun: Maverick News: Val Kilmer Shares OG Throwback as His Daughter Talks Seeing Her Father Able to Film the Sequel

You may remember the character of United States Naval Aviator “Iceman” top Gun who was the rival of Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise is back, a top Gun The movie would be nothing without “Iceman”. Later begging for a role in Top Gun: MaverickVal Kilmer’s wish came true. To show us how proud he is about his return to the memorable role, Val Kilmer shared an OG throwback of himself from the previous film. His daughter also told how she felt after watching her father’s sequel film.

hard to imagine top Gun Without Val Kilmer. would you believe it he basically hated the idea of ​​the original movie, Luckily, Kilmer had no regrets as he got the full experience of making top Gun “pleasant.” To further prove how proud he was of his experience top Gun, he shares Twitter An old photo of myself and the rest of the cast from the original top Gun Movies. batman forever The star also mentioned in his caption that the actual Naval Air Force Top Gun Advisor is also featured in the photo! Talk about an honor.

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