This TikTok-famous electric peeler has 9,200+ 5-star reviews and is on sale – E! Online

If you’re interested in buying this peeler, check out some of these reviews heroine buyer

One customer said, “Just wow. I peeled two bags of apples in a matter of minutes. With my arthritic hands, that project usually takes an hour, but with this it only takes 5 minutes.”

Another declared, “Great. Kitchen. Gadget. Ever. We love this thing!!! In the end, I’ll say it’s probably the greatest gadget in my kitchen at the moment. Works great. Potatoes. Makes peeling fun! If I ever enlist in the military, you can be sure this little gem will come with me. Highly recommend.”

An Amazon shopper shared, “Wastes more time. Love it! It’s lightweight and easy to use. I always peel too many potatoes with the peeler when I use a potato peeler. This blade Well and only the skin is obtained, in seconds.”

A longtime fan of the product said, “I’ve owned it for about 5 years. It’s still going strong. I love it.”

Another shopkeeper said, “We love our Rotato Express. We first bought it 3 years back and used it for many vegetables and fruits. We bought it for all our 5 kids and got it married. Or even given as part of a shower gift.. Yesterday our elderly neighbor wanted me to put some pears for him, he brought me a 5 gallon bucket and said he would stop and help peel them. Well we rotato Got off the express and was done in 15 minutes. He was so impressed he wanted me to order him one, it just so happens I always have a spare so he went home with it and here I go to my back- Ordering one more for up. This simple thing saves me a lot of time and cut fingers. Get it and you’ll be a happy cook.”

“Surprisingly, not a gimmick. I love this thing. It’s amazing and so much fun! It takes about 20 seconds to peel a large potato,” said one shocked customer.

Another person said, “I wish I had bought this much earlier. It arrived a few days ago in perfect, new packaging. I bought a bag of lemons for the candied peels tonight. Peeling each one literally took seconds.” In long beautiful, intact strands. It took an hour long to do it by hand and turned it from preparation to cleaning in just minutes.”

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