This Is Us Cast Race Against The Clock In A Hilarious Celeb Game Face Showdown – E! Online

Going out with a bang.

Tonight’s brand new episode celebrity game face Is a special, and not just because it doubles as a season two finale. Additionally, host kevin hart Have recruited not one, not two three this is us The stars compete against each other, all in hopes of earning money for the charity of their choice.

Oh, and the Heart of a Champion trophy.

In this sneak-peek clip, the teams-Chrissy Metz And Bradley Collinshandjob Susan Kelechi Watson And napiera groves And Chris Sullivan And Rachel Sullivan– Battling for some key points of the final round during the scavenger hunt challenge.

To start things off, they need to find an item in their home that matches the following puzzle: “Eating out gets old quickly. Use mine when you’re at home. Want to make some steamed peas.” ? I have everything. Recipes.”

“Tupperware” is Chris’s first guess, and Chrissy isn’t that much better: “Is this a pot?”

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