This $20 sheet set has over 250,000 five-star reviews on Amazon – E! online

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I’m buying my third and fourth sets of these sheets today. One would be a gift for my mom and dad. After a year, I’ve had no problems. They continue to wash and fit perfectly, and Are easily adaptable to weather changes. I add a flannel top sheet or blanket when it’s cold. Can’t beat for $20 per set. Standard and king have additional sets of pillows available.”

“I absolutely love these sheets. Seriously. I find it so hard to find sheets, even at Twin XL lengths, that don’t stretch our Sleep Number Raised Head Mattresses. These actually feel a touch too long, Which is fantastic. They are so soft, and have a really silky sheet feel. I will be buying many more sets of these, especially because I have some kids with sensory issues and they will be happy with the really smooth, soft feel of the sheets. “

“Good? First of all, these sheets are soft. Are they Egyptian high quality soft ones? Well, no, because they are microfiber. But they are the softest microfiber sheets ever. Although they are lightweight, they are The sheets don’t fade. I followed the package’s wash instructions, and they’ve held up pretty well through several washes now; the stitching is still nice and intact.”

“Usually a “cotton only” sheet buyer, thought I’d give these a try. Amazingly, they’re great to care for and sleep in! I’m a “warm sleeper” (even in winter) also) and like a cool place to slide a foot up when I need to “regulate” my temperature. These sheets work with me. My sleeping temperature stays moderate, not too high hot or cold.”

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