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Nothing Says You Made It To The Fashion World Like An Invitational mate throat,

Over the years, the annual ball that raised funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute has become a place for the world’s biggest trendsetters to have fun with fashion and show off their daring style. from rihanna‘s yellow guo pei robe He spawned hundreds of omelet memes To Kim Kardashianturning head faceless balenciaga bodysuitSeveral celebrity looks have been cemented as iconic fashion moments on its red carpet.

And although the stars like Sarah Jessica Parker And BeyoncĂ© Considered Met Gala regulars who constantly raise the bar in style these days, they were once new to making a mark on fashion’s biggest night. Back in 1995, SJP wore a plain black dress to her big Met Gala debut. For Bey, she opted for something more modest in contrast to the elaborate gowns she’s now known to attend the first gala in 2008.

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