There’s no shortage of drama on the latest episode of Temptation Island – E! Online

When it comes to drama—and the theatrical—art temptation island Not wasting time.

Feather episode two beginswomen are already crying now that they have to say goodbye to her boyfriend for the rest of their stay on the island. And when Gillian tells her fellow classmates that she “needs something to hug, something to hug,” it seems like it’s a code word, which triggers solo male Insist on flocking and drinking.

Cite adultery. This is when Gillian shows Tommy the ring of her promise to Edgar, which he gave after betraying her. As she explains, “I don’t know if I’ll keep wearing it.” And it’s no surprise, then, that coming the next day—and choosing a first date—Gillian picks Tommy. (Later, Edgar, who chose Melissa for his date, says Tommy, “looks stupid.”)

Meanwhile, Iris asks George out and Luke goes for “Mrs. Jussie”. Ashley chose Mike, while Lascelles chose Tress, someone describing Ashley as a “twin” with a “cute, tall model look.”

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