The X-Men’s Juggernaut Isn’t Cytorek’s Most Powerful Weapon

Juggernaut may be the embodiment of Cytork’s unstoppable power – but Doctor Strange does something even bigger, Sittorak’s crimson band!

This article contains spoilers The Death of Doctor Strange: The Avengers #1.

unbroken Chariot is a classic X Men The villain who gets his power from a monstrous named Cytork… but he’s not Cytorek’s most powerful weapon. A mighty mystical entity, the Cytorks were once worshiped on Earth – but they were removed from this plane of existence, trapped in a realm called the Crimson Cosmos. It was shared by a similar fate great god like chothon, and like Ch’thon, Cyttorak left a channel of his power on Earth – Cyttorak’s Crimson Gem.

Whoever wields Cytork’s Crimson Gem transforms into the human Juggernaut, the embodiment of Cytork’s power, whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc on Earth and ensure that Cytork’s name is not forgotten. The most famous juggernaut is, of course, Can Marco; But there have been countless others over the centuries, all so great as the forces of destruction that they can only be matched by the likes of Thor Odinson or the Hulk. And yet, remarkably, it seems that the invincible chariot isn’t actually Cytorek’s greatest weapon.

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The Death of Doctor Strange: The Avengers #1, by Alex Paknadel and Ryan Bodenheim, reveals what Cytork’s greatest power really is through Cyttorak. the crimson band. Sorcerers on Earth like Doctor Strange usually enlist Cytork’s crimson band to rein in their enemies, but the most powerful beings have been taken captive by them. He really made an appearance Avengers: Infinity War, when Strange used them in an attempt to tie up Thanos—and, of course, failed.

This further explains why Can Marco, the present Juggernaut is more powerful than ever. His relationship with Cyttorak was interrupted, and he found his way to a mystical site called the Forge of Cyttorak, where he was given a new armor crafted from the power of Cyttorak’s Crimson Band. This has given Marco a freedom he never had before, as he is no longer the embodiment of Cytork’s destructive power; Now he does something bigger.

This naturally raises a curious question; Why does Cyttorak allow wizards like Doctor Strange to use their power? The most logical reason is that it ensures that his name is not forgotten, as there seems to be a psychic connection between the power of Cytork and his worship; So being forgotten will weaken and perhaps even destroy it. and therefore prefers to lend an even more powerful tool than Cyttorak Chariot For the Sorcerer Supreme.

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