The Walking Dead may have set up Rick Grimes’ movie return

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 8 probably set up the films of Rick Grimes, teasing the films’ possible real story.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond It may have been the setting for the Rick Grimes films, in which Jadis’ description suggests there is a rebellion going on within CRM. Ever since Andrew Lincoln left the main Walking Dead series as well as AMC’s subsequent announcement of a Walking Dead movie trilogy Three years ago, virtually nothing has been revealed about what those films will be – or when they will be released. but the walking dead and now beyond the world Has shed some light on what to expect.

Although not clearly the reason for the current series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Fans have a primary look at what a CRM is and where they fit into the wider franchise. Years ago, CRM was first introduced through a helicopter appearing randomly in a scene, later colloquially known as the Helicopter Group, but over time, what Civic Republic does , more and more details have come out about it. The Walking Dead: World Beyond helped speed up that plan. And now with only a few episodes left, there is a chance for this series to tie in with the movies.

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In The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 8, “Returning Point,” Dr. Leo Bennett and his family escape the CRM facility with the organization’s citizen scientists and all of their data. According to Jadis, who has been promoted all the way up to warrant officer, the Bennetts’ actions are not only an escape attempt, but a rebellion. Truly, he is right—and this is the perfect opportunity to establish Rick Grimes movies, He very well could have led that rebellion, if he needed a spark.

Pollyanna Mackintosh as Jadis and Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead World Beyond

Little Has Been Revealed About What Rick Grimes Has Been Up To Since Leaving Main Walking Dead series, but based on information Michonne received in Season 10, it appears that Rick holds his family close to his heart. He will do virtually nothing to get back to them, and working for groups like CRM is not his specialty. In all likelihood, the entire story of World Beyond could lay the foundation for a rebellion within the Civic Republic that would escalate into theatrical films. If that’s the case, there will be something other than survivors fighting against zombies in the movies.

Still two episodes left beyond the worldThe final season before the CRM series ended for good. By combining this with the fact that the walking dead next year ends with fear the walking deadThe CRM story is bleak, with the group’s future in the franchise looking bleak. There’s more to be said about where this potential rebellion goes next, so hopefully rick grimes movies There may be less enthusiasm for projects as it may happen sooner rather than later.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Releases new episodes on AMC on Sundays.

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