The Walking Dead: 15 Most Competent Main Characters, Ranked By Fighting Ability

the walking dead A story of what happens when ordinary people are swept away in the carnage and chaos of a zombie apocalypse. With survival being a number one priority, these humans need to be able to handle themselves in order to survive. The dangers don’t always come from the undead, but also from the worst elements of humanity that let loose in a world without laws.

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As the story progresses, passive characters learn to be warriors in their own right, while others find themselves fodder for brutal new worlds. Almost all characters went through a personal transformation in order to become capable fighters, and the journey was usually a deeply painful one that changed them irrevocably.

Updated by Derek Draven on November 30, 2021: The characters in The Walking Dead are forced to fight to survive, but not all of them are the same when it comes to fighting battles. Since the show’s inception, more characters have been added to the mix, who have varying degrees of fighting ability.

Seasons 10 and 11 introduced the Whispers, a band of nihilistic survivors led by some of the deadliest fighters to walk the apocalypse, and the main characters have had to adapt. Whether it’s battling hordes of undead, or dangerous and unpredictable humans chasing the wastelands, these characters know how to handle themselves.

15 glen ree

Glenn was a major fan favorite because of his character and ideas., and for a long time one of the moral linchpins of the series. He was an everyday man who preferred to enjoy life rather than fight for it. However, as the series progressed, Glenn became a capable fighter who never lost touch with the good man inside.

Before the apocalypse, Glenn was a pizza delivery boy just starting out on the steps of adulthood, and that meant no coping experience. However, with time, patience and training, he became a decent strategist and a formidable warrior who lacked only physical strength.

14 rosita espinosa

Rosita in The Walking Dead season 10

Although Rosita doesn’t always get a huge percentage of screen time, it was always clear that she was a capable fighter. Beginning as part of Abraham’s group, both he and Rosita take it upon themselves to protect Eugene from threats both large and small.

Abraham relied on her to take care of herself and help her carry out her mission of transporting Eugene to Washington, D.C. Later, when she became part of Rick’s group, she joined various forces, including Negan’s Saviors. Put your fighting skills on the front line against the threats.

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13 Tune

Carol walking in the woods in The Walking Dead

What Carol lacks in size and strength, she makes up for with conviction and dedication. Of the whole group, she is perhaps the only woman willing to go to any lengths to protect those who care for her. Unfortunately, this has forced her to make a lot of painful decisions, which weighed heavily on her soft mind.

As a result, Carol has lost most of her empathy or at least buried it deeply. This allows him to focus his attention in combat, only to feel the effect after the bullets go off. She is also good at capitalizing on her own stereotypes to misdirect and fool her opponents during a fight.

12 Aaron

Aaron kills a walker in The Walking Dead

Aaron started out as a mild-mannered man, but over the years, he has racked up a series of chips on his shoulder that have permanently changed his character. It all climaxed when he lost his arm, which forced him to replace it with a mechanical device that could be used in combat.

Since then Aaron has become a very dangerous fighter. His melancholy personality gives him the ability to drive away enemies without remorse or pity, and it pays off in a life-or-death encounter. He has been a changed man since his debut on the show, but it has made him all the more powerful.

1 1 Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead season 10

Daryl’s life before the apocalypse was a rough one, but he’s always been a fighter, a survivor of the living and drawing heavily on his experience as a rebel. Daryl’s character has evolved in major ways since the first season, but their fighting abilities have largely remained the same.

Once he started to be a team player inside Rick’s group, he had a real reason to fight that didn’t just include himself. He also went on to train others in combat and hunting techniques, making them valuable when it comes to defense.

10 tyrise

Tyrese near a window in The Walking Dead

When Tyrese was alive not many people wanted to engage with him, and it’s easy to see why. Not only was he huge, but he was also a natural fighter who was not afraid to jump into the fire. Nevertheless, he was a gentleman at heart, and never lost sight of the value of human life being sacred.

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When it came time to fight, however, Tyreus was a bull in the middle of a charge, and those who got in his way either lived to regret it or died too fast to notice. If he had been able to last longer, he would have been able to turn the tide against future threats, such as the Savior.

9 Negan Smith

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

Negan wasn’t a particularly violent person before the apocalypse began, but the trauma of losing his beloved wife The apocalypse was in full swing after that was too much. He quickly learned that the world was filled with nefarious humans far more dangerous than the dead, and he quickly hardened himself for the times to come.

Intimidation tactics are Negan’s strongest card, but he’s not far behind in the fight either. Against the undead, he is a destructive ball, but he is also a capable fighter against the living. Even without his trusty baseball bat Lucille, Negan can best some powerful fighters in hand-to-hand combat, making him a constant threat.

8 morgan jones

The Walking Dead season 8 finale Morgan

Morgan Jones begins the series as a typical father who is simply trying to protect his son. When that failed, he almost lost his sanity, only to climb back off the cliff at the mercy of a stranger. It was he who trained Morgan in the art of warfare, giving him a Zen-like attitude about the value of life.

Afterwards, he vowed to fight only when absolutely necessary, and yet, at times, hesitated. When inaction was no option, Morgan would take the field, and his opponents usually met their end in a quick and brutal fashion. Some may go up against Morgan and expect the best from him in a fight.

7 Shane Walshow

Although Shane Walsh was only in the walking dead For a few seasons, he quickly established himself as a mighty fighter. He was Rick’s best friend, and fellow sheriff’s deputy before the apocalypse, and quickly understood that he needed to be cruel to save Lori and Carl from both the Walkers and the humans.

Shane was not only highly skilled with guns, but he was also a capable hand-to-hand fighter. His stoic personality and aggressive nature outweighed his natural strength, and this made him more unpredictable as the story progressed.

6 Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes shot Sofia in The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes was a sheriff’s deputy who had enough training to survive the apocalypse as much as possible. However, he was quickly held back by his good nature and observance of morals, which cost him and his group their lives. It will take some time before he learns how to strike the proper balance.

although not as physically strong, or not as well trained as some others Walking Dead Universe, Rick was undoubtedly one of the most brutal. When pushed, there was no line he would not cross, and this made him extremely unpredictable in a fight. In one notable episode, Rick brutally killed a human by slitting his throat. one of the Walking deads most brutal fight,

5 Governor

Governor holding a pistol in The Walking Dead

The governor’s fighting skills were greatly enhanced by his own uncompromising personality, and this made him an extremely dangerous foe. He was not only a manipulator and a skilled strategist, but he also knew how to conduct large-scale warfare when required. He nearly eliminated Rick Grimes and his group before being killed by Michonne.

He was deadly in hand-to-hand combat, tapping into his unbridled aggression and anger. He nearly killed Michonne during a brawl, and he defeated Merle during a one-on-one brawl, which was no easy feat. However, he inflicted the worst beating ever on Rick, whose injuries took a long time to heal.

4 michonne

Michonne stands protectively in front of Judith in The Walking Dead

Michonne is easily one of the best fighters The Walking Dead, Especially when she’s driving her katana. Whether she’s facing walkers or people, Michonne is always a threat, and she knows how to take advantage of her speed to make up for her lack of physical strength. For Michonne, it’s all about improvisation.

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Although she is best with her katana, Michonne is also a great hand-to-hand fighter. If reinforced by a stronger enemy, she will usually find a way to gain the upper hand, even if it means using some dirty tricks.

3 Abraham Ford

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham in The Walking Dead

Abraham always favored brute force over tactical fighting techniques, especially when compared to other characters, but it always seemed to work for him. He was an impressive companion, whether facing humans or pedestrians, and his strong military mind and training helped him greatly during the apocalypse.

His hot temper had its advantages and disadvantages, which led him to go all out in battle. There were few who could step into the ring with Abraham and hope to emerge victorious, much less with their teeth. His only real disadvantage was his large size, which hindered his agility.

2 Jesus

The Walking Dead - Paul Rovia aka Jesus

Paul Rovia, otherwise known as Jesuswas arguably the most capable and skilled fighter the walking dead saw. With a strong semblance of martial arts training, Jesus was incredibly agile, and this gave him a huge advantage against enemies who might have underestimated him because of his slim physicality.

Jesus was a supply runner, part of a militia, and a martial arts teacher. He used all those skills to protect himself and his community, while also motivating them to get ahead in the competition. He was able to confuse his enemies during a fight, but unfortunately, he died at the hands of a whisper during a surprise attack.

1 Beta

The Whispers' beta in The Walking Dead

Maybe it’s alpha in . second time for The Walking Dead, But Beta represented the brute Hawking force of a man who had nothing to lose, and no regard for holding him back. As the primary originator inside the Whispers, Beta’s job was to carry out Alpha’s orders and ensure eventual loyalty to the ideology they shared.

In combat, Beta was the human equivalent of a military tank. He could crush multiple opponents at a time with a unique combination of incredible strength and combat techniques. Hand-to-hand, the beta was extremely dangerous and could long inflict traumatic injuries, either strangling or thrashing its opponents.

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