The Vampire Diaries: 10 Best Lexi Branson Quotes

Although she dies during the first season, Lexi Branson remains an important character and a strong presence. the Vampire Diaries, As the series progresses, viewers learn more about him, with several flashbacks providing insight into the dynamics between Stefan and his best friend.

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Lexi always has words of wisdom to offer others, and her mature outlook on life allows her to offer the best advice on the show. There’s no shortage of memorable Lexi Branson quotes, but there are some, in particular, that deeply affect the characters and the audience.

Lexi reaches for damon

“No matter what, he was still your brother, and you cared about him. Now, you need help, and he cares about you.”

Damon implicates Lexi in The Vampire Diaries.

Lexi isn’t Damon’s biggest fan, but she understands how important she is to Stefan. She has a habit of healing the vampires who have derailed, and she locates Damon in New York at Stefan’s request.

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Lexi proves that she is an unreliable friend who offers her services to someone who consistently rejects her. He receives nothing in return for helping Stefan’s brother, but Lexie cares deeply about mending their relationship to Salvatoras. She fights tooth and nail for her family even after Damon kills her.

Lexi Has Stefan’s Back

“I was feeling epic.”

Stephen and Lexi playing pool in The Vampire Diaries.

The line “I was feeling epic,” is one of the most memorable of the entire show. This is originally stated during Season 1 Episode 8, “162 Candles”, when Stephen overhears Lexie talking to Elena, but returns almost years later.

In a full-circle moment in the Vampire Diaries, Stephen says goodbye to Elena before reuniting with Lexie and finding peace. He accompanies the scene with “Never Say Never” by The Frey reciting the words back to his best friend. This quote is so impressive, it’s even the title of the series finale.

Lexi Believes in Peace

“Whatever the peace is, it’s there. I think once we’ve given our time for all of our bad things, it’s just about letting go, moving on.”

Lexi smiling at The Vampire Diaries.

Stephen often compares Caroline to Lexi and it’s easy to see why. They are both optimists who believe that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the characters have trouble believing that peace exists, or that they will even rise to the occasion, which it does.

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Yet, despite being stuck on the other side for seasons, Lexie never stops believing that there is life after death. With her words of wisdom and soothing presence, Lexie is the epitome of peace by bringing it to others. No one deserves more happiness than that.

Lexi Shades Demon

“Unexpected surprise? I guess the wrong brother went back to high school.”

Damon did a lot shady burns the Vampire Diaries, which makes it especially satisfying when someone burns it back immediately. While viewers believe that Lexi’s animosity toward Damon is related to her estranged relationship with Stefan, the fourth season reveals that this is personal.

She attempts to help Damon by favoring her best friend, but he messes with her feelings and leaves Lexie stranded on the roof without a daylight ring. Any insult she does is funny and well deserved.

Lexi Takes Stefan Under His Wing

“Once you can hurt, you can love.”

Lexie teaches Stephen a lesson that all the vampires on the show should listen to. They shut down their emotions to escape the pain, but miss out on everything life has to offer as a result. The humanity switch isn’t a fix-all, and there’s no way to turn off sadness without turning off happiness.

By helping Stefan realize that feelings are a gift, Lexie gives him back the purpose that vampirism has stolen from him. He is able to live and love to the fullest, instead of spending the rest of his existence feeling stunned.

Lexi tells Stefan that he will find love again

“Contrary to popular belief there are actually many—especially for a vampire. The only way to find another is to let go, and move on.”

Lexi in Flashback Stefan and Lexi in Flashback in The Vampire Diaries.

Stefan has never loved anyone like he loves Elena, and it’s hard to imagine that he would ever end their relationship. Thankfully, Lexie is able to tour the land of the living and tell Stefan exactly what he needs to hear. It may be directed at her best friend, but Lexie’s statement holds true for all vampires.

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Most Romance the Vampire Diaries are intense and it seems like they are invincible. However, even the show’s most stable relationships come to an end. The characters always manage to find love all over again, proving that there are many “one”.

Lexi has a heart to heart with Elena

“When It’s Real, You Can’t Walk Away.”

In a flashback to The Vampire Diaries, Lexie looks confused Stephen and Lexie.

Lexi is the origin of one of these best quotes from stephen and elena the Vampire Diaries, She tells Elena exactly what she needs to hear and convinces her to stop fighting with how she feels about Stefan. What’s between them clearly isn’t going away, so there’s no point in brushing off the inevitable.

Since Lexie is speaking from experience, viewers will learn more about her through this conversation. Elena comes face to face with Lexie’s partner in Season 1 Episode 11, “Bloodlines,” and the situation only makes her death more heartbreaking.

Lexi Saves Stephen

“It seems that now I have saved you from both the metaphorical darkness and the real darkness. I feel like you owe me a beer.”

Lexi Branson in Flashback Stefan and Lexi in Flashback in The Vampire Diaries.

Every time Lexie returns as a ghost it is in a heroic way. She is always there when Stefan needs her the most, and her last ghostly appearance is no exception. Lexie spends decades making sure Stefan stays on the right track and forbids him to let her bloodshed.

When her best friend ends up on the other side, she saves him from being physically thrown into the dark. Lexi’s comment is not only clever, but it also shows how lucky Stefan is to have her.

Lexi sacrifices herself for Damon

“What kind of best friend would I be if you died before Stephen got his brother back?”

Lexi on the Other Side in Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries

The fact that he kills Lexi is one of the reasons daemon doesn’t deserve redemption the Vampire Diaries, The more fans know about Stefan’s best friend, the worse Damon’s actions go against his spirit. Yet, despite being murdered in cold blood by him, Lexie sacrifices herself so Damon can come back to live.

Lexie constantly prioritizes Stefan over everything else, and her unconditional love for him creates one of the best friendships on the show. Not only does Lexie trade her life for her killer, but she understands that Stefan needs his brother more than his best friend.

Lexi reunites with Stephen

“Wow. That was beautiful.”

This quote may not seem important at first glance, but these four words are the last line in Lexi’s series. It informs viewers of her presence in the afterlife and re-establishes her light-hearted relationship with Stefan.

This moment is significant for both characters, especially given the “death pact” in Season 5 Episode 22, “Home”. Stefan and Lexie are determined to find peace together, and when Lexie finds it first, they are eventually reunited for good.

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