The Untold Trailer: How Caitlyn Jenner’s Struggle With Identity Led To A Gold Medal – E! Online

Caitlyn Jenner call him past struggles with identity helped her become one of them greatest athlete in the world.

in a new trailer for Netflix‘s quiet, a five-part documentary examining the greatest moments in the sport’s history, the Olympian looks at her athletic career, including a gold medal win for the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and discusses how the sport has helped Long shaped her gender identity.

“I’ve always had these issues through me,” she reflects in exclusive footage for E! news. “But, without them, I don’t think I would have ever accomplished what I did.”

NS keeping up with the Kardashians The star shared that she is transgender in April 2015. Several months later, she introduced herself to the world as Caitlin. And, as Caitlin notes in the trailer, she “always dealt with confusion in my soul,” but attending the Games helped her feel like she was her own. As she put it, “He changed everything. So, I created this character of Bruce.”

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