The timing of the wheel: what could be the meanings for the story at the beginning of the White Tower?

WARNING: Contains Spoilers wheel of time Episode 5 and Robert Jordan’s wheel of time,

In wheel of time In Episode 5, “Blood Calls to Blood”, the people of Two Rivers arrive at Tar Vallon and the White Tower much earlier than in the books and it suggests major changes to the upcoming story. of amazon wheel of time The TV series is based on Robert Jordan’s wheel of time Books that span 14 main novels and one prequel novel. Showrunner Rafe Judkins has confirmed that wheel of time Season 1 will include material from the first two books, but putting some of these major events out of sequence could mean some shockingly big deviations from the source material.

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After escaping from two rivers while being chased by Trollox and at least one fade in wheel of time After spending time in episodes 1 and 2, Shadar Logoth, the main characters split up. Lan, Moiraine, and Nyanev work with Ace Sedai and a group of Warders to make it back to the White Tower with the false dragon, Logan. Meanwhile, Rand and Matt are helped on the road by gleeman Thom Marilyn and arrive at Tar Vallon at about the same time. While Egwen and Perrin come within sight of the Tower, they are en route and captured by the Whitecloaks, but will likely proceed to the White Tower as originally planned after their escape.

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Robert in Jordan wheel of time novel, the group is divided in the first book like this, the world’s eye, However, none of Amond’s fielders make their way to the White Tower. agave and nyanve go there in another book, the great hunt, and the mat doesn’t go up to book three, dragon reborn, This may sound like a trivial timing detail, but the events that happen for each character in the White Tower define their arc, and when they have no compelling reason to leave, they have no reason to visit the White Tower. There may be problems with character development. Line. The White Tower was probably first introduced in wheel of time as a way to better explore the systems of TV series than books AES Sedai and Warders However, in a visual format, that promises to cause problems. Here’s How To Get The White Tower Started So Early wheel of time That could mean for Amazon’s TV series.

Rand could face the world without his friends

wheel of time rand al thor

Robert in Jordan wheel of time, the group is separated as the Amazon adaptation of the books, and Perrin and Agwen are captured by the Whitecloaks. However, instead of moving to the White Tower, the group is completely reunited, along with Loyal the Ogier, whom they meet in Camlin. Loyal warns of a danger to the Eye of the World, a power well containing one of the seals for the Dark One’s prison, and the whole group travels together to help save it. Rand fights the two Forsaken and uses the Well of Power, leading Moirain to conclude that He is wheel of timedragon reincarnation,

While Jordan’s first book saw the entire group travel to the Eye of the World from two rivers and play some role in the fighting there, it would be difficult to justify. wheel of time The TV series has already traveled to the White Tower. Many of the characters have good reason to stop their journey to the White Tower and spend time in Tar Vallon after their arrival in the later books. This may ultimately mean that Rand appears to the world as the only member of the Two Rivers group with Perrin still by his side. In books, it’s hard for the group to accept Rand’s identity as Dragon Reborn And seeing them fight in the eyes of the world helps in their ultimate acceptance. Without seeing it directly, the TV series would add additional complications to Rand’s relationship with the rest of the group.

Egwene and Nynaeve can start their AES Sedai training early

wheel of time nyanev white tower aes sedai

The characters in Two Rivers stay together for as long as they do in Robert Jordan wheel of time Because they are traveling side by side to reach different destinations. Agwen and Nyanev are not considered potential candidates for Dragon Reborn, but are originally accompanied by Rand, Matt and Perrin to support their friends and ultimately because they need to go to the White Tower to be taught That’s how to properly handle their channeling capabilities. So as not to risk killing them in later life.

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In of amazon wheel of time, both Agwen and Nyanev have shown their conscious ability to channel the others and hope to eventually join the White Tower. As they have already arrived at the White Tower in Season 1, there is currently no compelling reason to explain why they would leave. This could mean that Egwen and Nyanev can begin their AES Sedai training well before the fight in Eye of the World, throwing off a timeline for their character’s progress and potentially implying that Senchan will be introduced much earlier than expected.

Rebellion against Amirlin can now take place

wheel of timing siuan mold amirlin seat aes sedai white tower

A major turning point for the White Tower comes in the fourth of Robert Jordan. wheel of time book, the shadow rising, Aes Sedai rallies around a red sister, Elada, and eventually removes the Cyan mold, Leader of Amirlin Seat and Ace Sedai, This removes Moiren’s main contact in the White Tower and leaves the White Tower even more vulnerable to manipulation by Black Azah.

starting White Tower so early wheel of time TV series, shows may be forced to implement this story much earlier in the series. The Red Sister Leandrin, a darkfriend in the books, is setting up to play the role of Elada with her political intrigues and her growing support among all the Azhas being referenced constantly. As the character needs to appear relatively early in the series as a darkfriend and member of Black Azah, if Leandrin is absorbing the role of Elada, she should be dropped. as a siuan wheel of timeemerlin seat Will need to happen soon and could have massive ramifications for the plot of the series wheel of time session 1.

Padan Fen may get the dagger soon

Wheel of Time Padan Fain

a sign that wheel of time All these problems can be solved. In the great huntIn the series, Robert Jordan has a complex adversary, Padden Fen, who is first seen as a merchant in Two Rivers stealing the dagger that Matt found in Shadar Logoth. Matt without a dagger cannot be properly healed from its impact, so Rand, Perrin and Matt all go on the hunt together to retrieve it. this path to wheel of timeThe story is supported by Season 2’s casting announcements featuring Egelmar, Amalissa, Uno, Masema and Ingtar.

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After making an appearance in Episode 1, Padan Fen reappears, this time in Tar Vallon. wheel of time episode 5, If his presence around the White Tower is suggesting that he would be stealing the dagger now rather than completing the Battle of the Eye of the World, it could shift attention away from the White Tower and move on to later in the series. Knowing that Matt needs to heal, all the men of Two Rivers can insist on following Matt together for his sake and find themselves in the eyes of the world because of it. This would mean that I am going wheel of time Season 2 Rand and Perrin can pursue their own independent story while Matt, Nyanev, and The Return of Egwen at the White Tower for training and treatment. This would mean delaying Ace Sedai’s political intrigue that the series had already begun, but would allow him to lay the groundwork for later in the series.

Of course, it is important to adapt any work to a new medium to be able to make changes better suited to that new medium. It is logical to expect a change in wheel of timeThe plot of which would make the series work better on screen without Jordan’s extensive exposure, and to make it more accessible to new audiences. However, introducing White Tower so quickly can lead to such rapid changes in plot and character arcs that may lead to a complete deviation from the books. regarding Padan Fen stole the mat’s dagger and pull the characters away from the White Tower, wheel of time Starting the White Tower so early can draw closer to the original sequence of events from Robert Jordan’s books.

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