The strangest duel in history was fought in the Blimps

They say that every action is born out of either love or hate. Imagine what a creative catastrophe there would be if one man was inspired by both. This is probably what happened in 1808 France, when two men ended up fighting one of the strangest duels of all time. In a story brimming with infatuation and betrayal, a love triangle escalates into a hot air balloon duel that may become one of the first aerial battles in history.

The city was Paris, in all its pomp and trickery. A beloved woman named Mademoiselle Tyrevit enjoyed her fame as a dancer for the Paris Opera. As suggested by the social jargon of the time, it was placed by Monsieur de Grandpre; But on the shore he began to see a gentleman named Le Pic.

When Grandpre came to know about the affair, it was obvious that the matter had to be settled in someone’s favor. But they were not common people, so their confrontation could not be normal either. Leaving the conservative route of roulette and arm punches, the men settled on a hot air balloon duel. The winner of the fight will receive the hand of Mademoiselle Tyrvett. People were surprised, but not surprised. Duels were fairly common in 19th-century France, and each day a new test faced the men of the country.

And it so happened that on May 3, 1808, two men met on a field next to the Tuileries, with two gas balloons waiting for them. Both the contestants made a mistake each, which they would use to shoot their opponent’s balloon. He also had a second in command, who in the event of a defeat would voluntarily die with his leader. Waving and seeing a large crowd, they got into their balloons. Around 9 o’clock the wires were cut, and the wind began to climb. A true account from the Northampton Mercury in England states that two balloons were placed within 80 yards of each other as moderate wind carried them a mile up in the sky.

Le Pic was the first to fire and miss. Grandpre responded with a shot that pierced the blimp. Soon Le Pic and his other submissives were breaking into a terrace on the ground, losing the battle, the woman and her life. Grandpre was excited to win the apparent and hardly violent fight, and he showed it well by propelling his balloon upwards into the sky. He may have landed back down sometime later, but the man remained on cloud nine as he carried his good lady back home, raising the threshold of history forever.


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