The Scream 5 star reveals why she was able to take a ‘huge sigh of relief’ after meeting Neve Campbell for the first time

In less than a month, Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott will be back for Woodsboro scream 5 (or just the Scream) will also star Courtney Cox’s Gail Weathers, David Arquette’s Davy Riley and Marley Shelton’s deputy Judy Hicks in the first film of the slasher franchise in more than a decade. all back for upcoming movie, together A huge cast of new faces Including Jack Quaid, Dylan Minette and Melissa Barrera. One has to wonder what it’s like to step into the franchise with the original actors as a new addition. Apparently, though, the star got a “big sigh of relief” from Nev Campbell.

Melissa Barrera aptly described the sentiment. The 31-year-old actress, who recently got a breakout movie role in the heightsNeve shared her experiences of meeting Campbell. In his words:

The wonderful Neve Campbell said of our cast, when we all first got together and had dinner, it was that this cast sounded like the original cast of the first film. Which was such a sigh of relief for us.

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