The Rock Shares the Funny Story of How Former Disney Chief Honcho Had to Call His Mom After Getting Too Excited About Moana

Dwayne Johnson had a lot to talk about during his surprise appearance CinemaCon 2022. Warner Bros. Panel in, With two DC projects waiting to premiere in theaters black adam and DC’s league of superpets —There were a lot of points to be talked about, but The Rock also shared a sweet and funny story about how movie theaters have always taken care of his mom, but he gets a call from Disney’s Bob Iger after his mom goes a bit How did you come. away with theater requests Later moana came out,

Speaking directly to Cinemark staff on a Warner Bros. panel, Dwayne Johnson opened up about a particular theater chain location in South Florida that his mother frequents, and from the sound of things people know she is Johnson’s mother. They know because she’s told them… and Etta Johnson developed a penchant for ‘stealing’ her son’s film signs.

My mom is my biggest fan, loves to go to the movies… Every time she goes to see a movie that’s not mine, many times my signage will be in your lobby. So, there was the sign, I think it might be Moana, when she went.. She went to pick up the manager at Cinemark and she goes, ‘Hi I’m The Rock’s mom.’ They’re like, ‘Hi, welcome.’ She’s like, ‘Can I have that sign?’ Well, he has done this many times.

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