The redesigned iPad Pro with a glass back and MagSafe may not happen in 2022

Instead of using a Glass rear panel, Apple is testing prototypes with the Glass logo that potentially allows MagSafe to be added to the iPad Pro.

For those who are eagerly waiting ipad pro Shaking the same glass-metal sandwich construction as an iPhone, fragility concerns have reportedly pushed Apple To eliminate the idea of ​​a glass rear panel on your tablet. Last year, bloombergK Mark Gurman predicted that a design makeover for the 2022 iPad Pro refresh was in the pipeline, and tablets larger than 12.9-inches were also being considered. Since then, many rumors have surfaced about other hardware upgrades for Apple’s next flagship tablet.

First, mydrivers Published alleged renders of the upcoming iPad Pro showing off a white, glass-framed rear panel And a camera island similar to the iPhone 13 Pro. Rumors suggest that the next iPad Pro will be equipped with an upgraded camera and next-gen Apple M2 silicon, which is expected to make its way to the colorful MacBook Air refresh slate in early 2022.

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While the rumor mill remains churned and occupied by concept artists, 9to5Mac There are reports that Apple has dropped plans for a glass rear panel for iPad Pro models starting later this year. The report blames the cancellation on the fragility of the glass, citing insiders familiar with Apple’s design plans. Broken iPhone rear panels aren’t unheard of, but adding the weight of the tablet to the equation, the risk of glass panels breaking increases. is then Repair Cost A cracked iPad Pro to keep in mind.

There’s still hope for MagSafe

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The removal of the glass rear panel will also mean that while there is no question of wireless charging and MagSafe support, there is still some hope. Apple is reportedly experimenting with prototypes where the logo at the back is made of glass. The back of this logo is where Apple appears to be planning to fit wireless power transfer hardware For its MagSafe charging system. Additionally, the company is said to be using stronger magnets this time around, and the wireless power transfer rate has also increased.

This means that MagSafe is still very much possible 2022 iPad Pro Refresh, However, as the discussion is centered around prototyping devices, there is a high chance that these changes may not reflect on the final product. Apple will of course weigh factors such as ease of mass production and manufacturing costs before implementing any ideas that exist on prototype hardware. Not mentioned, because these details didn’t come directly from Apple, They should be taken with some amount of salt.

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Source: 9to5Mac

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