The Red Hood Officially Challenges Nightwing for Sexiest Bat-Sidekick

The Red Hood is coming in for Nightwing’s crown as the sexiest member of the Bat-family, as a new comic shows off the antihero’s sexier side.

Warning! spoiler for Task Force Z by dc comics

NS red Hood Coming to nightwings Crowned Sexiest Hero in the Bat-Family and DC Universe. recently released Task Force Z The steamier side of the comic, Jason Todd, is shown. It’s clear that the Red Hood is challenging Nightwing (and her famous back) to become the sexiest character in DC Comics. But can Jason take the cake?

Dick Grayson has become a DC Comics sex symbol for one big reason: his butt. Demystifying the long-standing comic trope, where heroines were routinely pulled into a stance with their backs pointing to a specific reason other than the character’s sexualization, Gail Simone and Nicola Scott made Nightwing Strike in a similar pose. secret six. ever since then, Nightwing’s butt has become a defining feature of the protagonist, in the form of comic covers, interiors, and other images have featured his stunning backsides on several occasions. Now, the Red Hood is trying to prove that she’s just as sexy as Nightwing.

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In Task Force Z #1 By Matthew Rosenberg, Eddie Barrow, Eber Ferreira and Adriano Lucas, Jason Todd leads an undead group of villains as part of a new superpowered team. Early in the story, Jason Todd is seen disinfecting the shower after a mission, where readers can see his muscular and scar-filled body. The Red Hood is spotted by one of the scientists on Task Force Z, who tells him that he did not get any personal pleasure from watching him bathe. It is not clear that she is telling the truth.

we spoke with Rosenberg about incorporating the steamy scene What else in the comic was Jason Todd coming in for Dick Grayson’s crown as the sexiest member of the Bat-family. Rosenberg acknowledged that showing the Red Hood in such a tantalizing manner was completely intentional. He said he called “Nightwing” “not the only stud in Gotham”.

That was me, and that’s exactly what it says in the script. It read, “Let’s get a little sexy here with the Red Hood. Get a little sexy here with Jason.” I called Nightwing and I was like, “He’s not the only stud in Gotham. Let’s show him what we have.”

That was me, but Eddie absolutely crushed it. I hope people are swooning Jason when the book comes out. He’s a little scarier than Dick, but it’s exciting, isn’t it? Such people

mission accomplished. While Rosenberg is correct, that Jason Todd’s body is undoubtedly scarier than Dick’s, the pain he endures at the hands of the Joker is part of what makes him so exciting in a steamy situation. People dig a bad boy with a troubled past.

Will Jason Todd win the challenge and overtake Nightwing as the sexiest bat-sidekick? It is too early to say that. DC Comics has made sure to include several cheeky moments for Dick Grayson over the years. However, With more steamy moments like Jason Todd Task Force Z, red Hood has certainly established himself as one of DC’s sexiest heroes, who can challenge nightwing to the throne.

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