The Red Hood is facing a death more frightening than the Joker

In the preview for Task Force Z #2, the Red Hood is in the frozen solid as a zombie teammate creeps closer, facing an even deeper fate than his murder by the Joker.

WARNING: Includes preview page for Task Force Z #2!

In the now-classic “Death in the Family” story, red Hood, then the second Robin, met his death Joker Hand. Now, years after his resurrection, red hood facing An even worse death, frozen in place as his zombie teammate crawls closer and closer, forcing him to be eaten alive. in preview Task Force Z #2, on sale in print and digital on November 23, Red Hood’s rag-tag team of zombies is falling apart, and that could be their last meal.

After his death in 1988 Batman #428, Jason Todd lay dormant for 17 years, returning in 2005 Batman #635 as Red Hood. For the next several years, the Red Hood and Batman would have a tense, sometimes hostile relationship, leading to Red Hood’s Extreme Methods – Including using guns and killing their victims. This is beginning to change, and the relationship between the two has largely melted away, with Batman welcoming the Red Hood back to the Bat-family. Now, a mysterious organization is reviving dead villains as zombies using resin obtained from the Lazarus Pits used by Ra’s al Ghul. The Red Hood, who has experienced death and resurrection himself, is put in charge of Task Force Z, a Suicide Squad spin-off that includes dead villains, such as Bane And Man-Bat, revived with the same Lazarus resin. The first mission didn’t go well, and now the Red Hood is facing what is potentially its worst death ever. The book is written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Eddie Barrow, ink by Eber Ferreira, colors by Adriano Lucas and letters by Rob Leigh.

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In the preview pages, rendered to AIPT And shared below, the Red Hood has froze in place; result of one fight with mr freeze, One of the resurrected members of Task Force Z, Arkham Knight, is creeping towards the Red Hood, ready to feast on him. The Red Hood is in a panic, calling for help. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze is attacked by the mysterious Mr. Bloom, a member of Jason’s team, who claims that Lazarus has not been resurrected with resin.

task force z2 cover
task force z variant cover
Red Hood tries to escape from a zombie Arkham Knight
Mr. Bloom attacks Mr. Freeze

The preview ends there, leaving readers hanging on to how the Red Hood will escape the zombie clutches of Arkham Knight. When the Joker killed the Red Hood years earlier, he stabbed him to death with a crowbar, killing him. It’s a terrible fate, but worse than being eaten by a zombie. In addition, the Red Hood is likely to become a zombie herself (it’s unlikely that Task Force Z will leave her to rest in peace), which will make her death even worse. Interestingly enough, The Red Hood is in a similar situation With Arkham Knight that he was with the Joker many years ago. In both situations, he was at a serious disadvantage, but unlike when he fought the Joker, the Red Hood has far more resources at his disposal, and is at least able to fight for his life.

Unfortunately, even if the Red Hood frees itself, it looks like being frozen in place will have consequences. Mr. Bloom – a villain who uses pharmaceutical ‘seeds’ to give superpowers to others – has already laid hands on an injured Mr. Freeze. If he can claim control over the villain, Bloom can begin to undermine Task Force Z with an outside agent, underscoring Jason’s utter failure to control his team. It would be particularly disastrous for the Red Hood to face failure soon after she abandoned her deadly strategy and made a genuine effort to overcome the fatal vision, which marked her first death. NS Joker The Killing red Hood Years ago the character has been swinging on, and now he is facing an even worse death – consumed by zombie villains Which will then be dropped on Gotham.

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Source: AIPT

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