The Outer Banks: How the Limbries Connect to the Real-Life Royal Merchant

Outer Banks 2 introduces South Carolinian Limbries, who share a connection to the real-life shipwreck based on the Royal Merchant.

season 2 outer Banks Introduced several new characters, including Carla Limbre and her brother Renfield, who actually join the real-life ship based on the Royal Merchant. outer BanksThe second season follows John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiara and Pope as they race Rafe and Ward Cameron and now Limbridge to recover the Royal Merchant’s gold and Santo Domingo’s cross. actors and characters of outer Banks season 2 Embark on their most challenging adventure as they uncover new secrets about the history of the island and the descendants of the Danish Tanny.

Carla Limbre is introduced in the first few episodes of Season 2 as a member of Pope’s scholarship board, who recruits him to Charleston, South Carolina to meet about a Royal Merchant, specifically a key that he is holding. Believes that his family has it. Along the way, he learns that the Pope’s great-grandparents were Denmark and Cecilia Taney, who were killed by Limbre’s family when Denmark attempted to bury his wife and free their children. Although they do not necessarily want to harm the Pope, the Limbrei use him to find the merchant. Santo Domingo’s Cross, which he believes belonged to his ancestor. It also holds a sacred robe, rumored to cure any ailment, which Carla Limbre desperately needs to cure her illness and save her life.

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While meeting with the Pope, Limbreys explains that his great ancestor, Hermann Limbre, was the captain of the Royal Merchant, who ended up in a shipwreck with all but Tawny who survived with the ship’s gold. Much of the history of Royal Merchant is fabricated, but the Limbre connection seals its link to the real-life English Merchant Royal ship, on which outer Banks‘ Wreck-based. In a 17th-century merchant royal shipwreck, the boat was also captained by a man named John Limbrey, who actually survived the affair with 40 crew members.

Not only this outer Banks share a surname connection with Limbreys Original Royal Merchant Ship captain, but they also share a history of vast collections of wealth, with current descendants trying to claim the ship’s treasure trove as their inheritance rights. Limbrace In outer Banks In fact the increased wealth is not needed, they only want to claim the Cross of Santo Domingo to find the garment that saved Carla’s life. in the real world, according to daily Mail, the descendants of Captain John Limbrey have tried to claim their personal wealth which apparently went down with the ship.

How outer Banks’ It is unclear whether Limbridge earned her fortune in South Carolina after the alleged death of a Royal Merchant captain, but it has something to do with the real-life business that inspired her. John Limbrey gained his vast wealth by joining the slave trade center of colonized Jamaica, which may have been outer Banks‘ season 2 character was doing. The series suggests that the Limbries kept the family of the Danish Tawny as slaves with one of the largest slave plantations in Charleston, so it is possible that their ancestors also engaged in the Caribbean slave trade. While Denmark Tawny was coined for the series, Captain Limbre’s transfer from real life to the TV show The Ship’s Captain makes one wonder what other aspects of the real wreck will find their way into. outer Banks.

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