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Following the widely popular series squid game One episode featured a phone number that people called out for a prank, with streaming platform Netflix coming to the aid of a real-life person who has the number.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the streaming company will edit out scenes that include phone numbers, leading to a flood of prank calls and text messages to the person behind it.

In episodes of the Korean thriller, all game participants are dealt a card. On one side there are three sizes and on the other, there is a phone number that potential game players will have to call if they want the chance to play children’s games for an incredibly large sum of money.

The number’s owner told Koriyabu in an interview, “After squid game Broadcast, I am getting calls and messages constantly, 24/7, to the point where it becomes difficult for me to carry on with my daily life. It’s a number I’ve been using for over 10 years, so I’m quite surprised. There are over 4,000 numbers that I have had to remove from my phone and it is to the point where due to people’s curiosity reaching without a sense of day and night, my phone battery drains and shuts down. “

According to the Koriyabu interview, the unfortunate incident was accidental because squid game The creators thought that removing the first three digits of the number would make it unusable. However, they were unaware that if the number was dialed as a local call, those numbers would be automatically added, allowing anyone to reach its owner.

The nine-episode original series became a surprise international hit after premiering on Netflix last month. “We haven’t seen it in terms of global popularity,” Netflix’s Sarandos reportedly said during a Netflix presentation a few weeks ago.

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