The New Witcher game could be teasing as the main character

The mysterious teaser poster for the newly announced Witcher installment could tease Siri as the series’ next main protagonist.

CD Projekt Red has announced a new installment in the critically acclaimed franchise witchcraft And Ciri could be the main character. The game has been teased to come new saga for witchcraft Chain, which so far only featured a teaser poster of a medallion with cat-like features. This may indicate a change from Geralt to Siri as the protagonist of the next installment of the series, as Siri’s medallion also has cat-like features.

witchcraft The franchise has been a major player in the video game industry, based on books originally written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The most recent major installment in the game series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was released in 2015 and continues to see years of success even after its launch. A separate TV series adaptation from the games has also been released by Netflix titled To do magic The franchise has seen success and great deals since cyberpunk 2077destructive launch of Back in 2020, it was expected that CD Projekt Red would return witchcraft as soon as possible.

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Little is known about the new witchcraft Also other project a”new storyAnd CD Projekt has adopted Unreal Engine 5 for development following a partnership with Epic Games. K were on the RED engine. This new The Witcher Following the release of a newly enhanced version of the series, the series will mark the franchise’s first dedicated next generation offerings. The Witcher 3 sometime in 2022

Ciri being the protagonist of the next Witcher game makes sense

New Witcher Game Saga: Siri has Cat School Medal in The Witcher 3.

with in Geralt’s story witchcraft Now that it appears to have ended, it makes sense that Giri will be the main focus of the next game. The Witcher 3‘s blood and wine The expansion appears to be tied to Geralt’s story, ending with him traversing a vineyard in which the player is one of the romance-worthy characters the player chooses to play in the main game. Now that his story seems to be coming to an end and he’s hung up his swords, a brand new The Witcher The game would be a great story to tell with Siri as the main protagonist. The character still has great potential and would be the perfect focus for a new trilogy of games. Ciri’s medallion is also featured with more cat-like elements – possibly like a lynx – seen in the new game’s teaser poster.

Ciri’s story The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Ends up with one of three options. which is considered the worst main ending of The Witcher 3Siri is tragically killed in a fight with White Frost. In the second ending, which may be best to continue her story, Giri ends up as a witch. The final ending ends with Siri becoming the Empress of Nilfgaard and its territories, living a life of luxury and royalty. The Witcher Ending looks like the best bet would be to continue a new trilogy if Siri is to be the game’s next hero.

next The Witcher 3: Wild HuntAt the end of the climax, Geralt has the opportunity to wind up and pass the torch to a new hero. It remains to be seen what the focus of this new will be on? witchcraft saga, and it may be a while until CD Projekt reveals more about the title. However, Ciri – already introduced in the previous trilogy – could be a perfect choice to lead.

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Wordle 277: March 23, 2022 Reply

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