The Mean Girls Actress Clarifies That Her Character’s Hair Didn’t Take “Hours” — E! online

Jan Caruana setting the record straight when it comes to him mean girls character’s hairstyle.

If it’s taken you a moment to re-watch the iconic 2004 teen comedy, let us fill you up. Jan’s character, Emma Gerber, is one of the attendees at the film’s Spring Fling, which Lindsey lohanHer character, Cady Heron, is applauded in a dynamic speech after being crowned queen of the event.

Turning her attention to Emma, ​​Cady comments, “That hairstyle must have taken hours and you look really beautiful.” In the scene, Emma’s hair is pulled back in an updo complete with flowers pinned in the back.

However, in a recent tweet, blank hustle Questioning Cady’s comment, she wrote, “I guess I can’t believe Emma Gerber’s hairdo must have ‘taken hours’.” In response, Jan took to twitter To shed a little light on the situation.

“At first it took about 25 minutes,” she revealed. “Then I was sent to the set and the director said, ‘Don’t think it took hours.’ So I was sent back to the hair and they stuck some flowers in it and I was sent back again.”

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