The Matrix: Why Humans Aren’t Using EMPs to Defeat the Machines

Humans and machines compete in the Matrix franchise, but will the former group use EMPs to defeat their oppressive foes?

The Wachowski Sisters Created a Complex Universe Within matrix franchise that has a lot of lore and logic to it, but still, it’s not surprising why humans haven’t used EMPs to defeat their mechanized enemies. when matrix As the series opens first, humans don’t stand a chance against the machines that control their reality. The oppressive adversaries are under almost complete control, with only a select group of humans surviving their pre-programmed existence. But, looking back now, would humans have used some technological strategy to easily defeat the machines?

The sci-fi/action franchise made its debut in 1999 math question, starring Keanu Reeves as hacker-turned-savior Neo. He is still relatively young when his memorable character was first introduced, but nonetheless, a large part of his life has been passed down by him. it’s time for Neo to save humanity from the Matrix And all the traps of false reality. he’s been “Sleep“A collective, constructed matrix is ​​plugged into the illusion that humans are reluctantly subject to. Once Neo meets Morpheus and his team, and is now faced with the famous dilemma of choosing the red or blue pill, the main character’s messiah As destiny’s quest to save humans from their mechanical overlords has really begun.

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while taking it out with humans and machines matrix series, there has always been a very glaring question in the background: “Why do humans in the movies never use EMPs to defeat their energetically driven enemies??” “EMP” stands for “Electromagnetic Pulse” and is a real-life idea that is harmful to electronic equipment and disrupts communications for which it can be used. To say, it would be dangerous Matrix-Programming Machines, Some types of EMP can occur naturally (e.g. lightning bolts can cause them), but far more insidious types are man-made with purposeful, weaponized intent. They can cripple the overall functionality, lifestyle and ability to defend an entire country. Humans use EMP sometimes during all matrix movies, but the technology isn’t actually used to defeat the machines. Ideally, a character could take a place like Machine City out of commission with one. But, although the idea of ​​completely eliminating machines using EMPs sounds theoretically possible, it really won’t work in the long run. In fact, attempting to do so would wreak enormous havoc on the various components of matrix The universe, and thus, the narrative purpose of the films.

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There are many reasons why machine centered matrix theory will not work, including a point that a thoughtful fan made Movie and TV Stack Exchange,It’s pretty well established that closing the Matrix with the humans inside will kill the humans, so there isn’t a perfect ending…” It’s certainly a valid point; seriously dismissing the franchise’s human-powered matrix would kill the people inside it, whom Neo has always been destined to save.

There is also the issue of whether the EMP will work as planned when used to defeat the machines. For example, another fan in the post’s thread raises the point that the effect of EMP can be thwarted to some extent by some variable (such as concrete of a certain thickness). Also he says that “As they say, the most serious machines would have been hardened against an EMP based attack.“This also corresponds to some matrix revolutionaries of suffrage, and incredibly complex, logic. The sentient machines of its universe are a fantastic, drawn out, reality-controlling bunch. If they know that there are dockerbots patrolling pods of humans to kill anyone who unplugged from the Matrix (along with many other questionable plans and protocols), then there’s no way the machines would have made it to such a scenario. Also not designed where humans try to defeat them with EMP. Unfortunately for humans, but fortunately matrix The story of the franchise, the idea of ​​defeating the machines with EMP is too good to be true.

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