The Many Saints of Newark: Ranking Every Performance as a Young Sopranos Character

WARNING: This article contains spoilers Many Saints of Newarki.

David Chase’s Trendsetting TV Masterpiece the Sopranos The feature-length is the latest acclaimed drama series to return to the medium. Unlike the film’s spin-off breaking bad And Downton Abbeyhandjob Many Saints of Newarki The major doesn’t bring back any actors from the series (except for a cryptic vocal cameo by Michael Imperioli).

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But there are still many familiar faces the Sopranos. Iconic characters like Livia, Jr. and even Tony play major roles in the film. Performing Artists as Young Versions of sopranos Characters range from spot-on to forgettable.

8 Samson Moaciola as Salvatore Bonpensiero

Newark Trailer Big Pussy Many Saints

Samson appears at Moekiola Many Saints of Newarki As a younger version of Salvatore Bonpensiero, better known by his crass nickname “Big P*ssi”. He plays a major role in the series as an FBI informant, but only makes a cameo appearance. Many Saints of Newarki.

Comedian Joy Diaz supervised Moaquiola Sal’s father, as Buddha. Diaz, who has told countless sopranosBut stories from his own life in his hugely popular productions who has experienced, deftly blends into the world of Tony Soprano.

7 Billy Magnussen as Paulie Walnuts

The Many Saints of Newark Pauley Nut

Pauli only appears on the edge of Many Saints of Newarki. She doesn’t have her own subplot and isn’t the focus of any scene, so it would have been difficult to make this performance stand out. Young Paulie is played by Billy Magnussen, who is not a very good physical match for Tony Sirico.

Magnussen recently made a wonderfully helpful turn no time to die, but his Many Saints of Newarki The appearance is quite forgettable. Sirico has a very distinctive voice that Magnussen cannot replicate perfectly.

6 Alexandra Intrater as Janice Soprano

Alexandra Intrater as the young Janice Soprano in Newark's Many Saints

In Many Saints of Newarki, Tony’s sister Janice is the yet recognizable hothead played brilliantly by Ada Turturro the Sopranos. Throughout the film, she forms a strong but distant relationship with Tony which establishes their tense dynamic from the series.

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Alexandra Intrater is a unique match for a younger Turturro, and she shares reassuring chemistry with her on-screen brother, Michael Gandolfini.

5 Jon Bernthal as Johnny Soprano

The Many Saints of Newark Livia Johnny Soprano

Tony’s father, Johnny Soprano, only appeared in a few brief flashbacks. the Sopranos, usually drawn through the eyes of a young, naive Tony. So, Jon Bernthal had a pretty blank canvas in portraying the character. Many Saints of Newarki.

Bernthal’s exquisitely controlled performance mirrors Tony’s portrayal of James Gandolfini In interesting ways, showing what qualities the future mob boss has inherited from his father. He delivers dry comical flair along with hot soprano flair during screaming matches.

4 John Magaro as Silvio Dante

The Many Saints of Newark Silvio Dante

While there are countless dramatic forces behind it Many Saints of NewarkiMidpoint Time Jump, writers David Chase and Lawrence Conner also used the time jump to make Silvio Dante’s hair hilarious. He is proudly bald in the first part of the film, then wears his familiar hairpiece after the time jump in the second part.

This scene is Silvio’s primary involvement in the film Lies, but John Magaro’s performance is spot on. He perfectly recreates Steven Van Zant’s exaggerated facial expressions and hunched style of walking.

3 Corey Stoll as Junior Soprano

Junior soprano in Newarki's Many Saints

In the Sopranos, Uncle Junior DiMeo is the de facto head of the crime family, suffering from countless medical problems in his growing age. In Many Saints of NewarkiHe hasn’t taken over the organization yet.

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Corey Stoll plays the young Junior as more mobile and youthful than Dominic Chianese, but equally bitter and snarky. Stoll is a recognizable actor, but he disappears in the role. The film ends in the first of several cold-hearted decisions that will eventually see Junior rise to the helm of the Dymio crime family.

2 Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

Many Saints of Newark Tony Soprano

James Gandolfini’s portrayal of Tony Soprano is one of the most famous and iconic acting performances of all time. Tony went on to impress opponent of everyone sopranos-inspired TV drama which came in the next decade. Gandolfini left a pair of giant shoes to fill, and they could only be filled by the late actor’s son, Michael Gandolfini.

Little Gandolfini not only imitates his father’s performance; He plays the same role at a different point in his life. Long before he was a terrible mob boss, Tony was a nerdy kid surrounded by terrible adult role models. James Gandolfini’s Tony talked to people, but Michael Gandolfini’s Tony talked.

1 Vera Farmiga as Livia Soprano

The Many Saints of Newark Livia Soprano

without a doubt, Many Saints of Newarkia. as the strongest performance of sopranos The character is Vera Farmiga as Tony and Janice’s mother, Livia. She corrects Nancy Marchand’s vocal inflection and also corrects the character’s precarious nature. Her scene with Tony in the kitchen, a half-hearted attempt to reconnect with her son, is one of the most emotionally resonant scenes in the film.

Farmiga also adds an interesting layer to Tony’s character by drawing parallels Eddie Falco’s Portrait of Carmella, suggesting that Tony married a woman just like his mother.

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