The kingpin is earning redemption for a betrayal he regrets

The kingpin betrays many people along the way to gain his power, but one betrayal affects him more than any other he is compensating for.

Warning! This article contains spoilers devil’s secret #6

gangsterThe road to power is littered with the bodies of those he used to wield his threatening nickname, but it is a betrayal of his past that has affected him much more than any other he is now filling. are trying. with the last chapter of devil’s secretIn , readers witness the devastating damage done to the kingpin when his villainous plot to outlaw superheroes comes crashing down around him. However, perhaps his greatest redemption comes in the midst of his greatest failure, something that is long overdue.

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In Punisher MAX #5 By Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon, the chickens come home to visit Wilson Fisk after their boss’ betrayal doesn’t go as planned. in this universe, Kingpin started Being the muscle behind mob boss Don Rigoletto. However, the kingpin saw Rigoletto and was ripe to choose a throne, so he conspired to kill him, but unfortunately for Wilson, Rigoletto fled the site of his planned assassination. The next time Fisk saw his former boss, he was standing behind Fisk’s son, Richard, with a razor around his neck.

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Instead of surrendering himself to Rigoletto and accepting the fact that he lost to ensure his son’s safety, Fisk begins to shoot at Rigoletto and his men, causing the mob boss to shoot his son in front of him. Throat cut. With a stone’s expression, Fisk apologizes to his son after his rival took his life, but even the remorse he felt in that moment was not enough to change his actions. Rigoletto and his men were executed that night. Wilson Fisk to officially become kingpin, but all at the cost of Richard’s life. In the main Marvel Universe of Earth-616 in the finale of the crossover event devil’s secret By Chip Zadarsky and Marco Chechetto, Wilson Fisk fakes his death after being defeated by Marvel’s heroes and allows his son Butch to take over as kingpin in his place, even though he is given the ‘Out of Jail Free Card’. was offered to leave. ’ as well as the opportunity to return to the status quo of his villain, effectively reversing his actions. devil’s secret Compared to Punisher MAX,

The kingpin finally delivers his most villainous act.

instead of sacrificing his son for power as he did Punisher MAX, the kingpin gives up everything he worked so hard to achieve and gives it all to his son. The main difference here is the fact that the kingpin finally learned How to accept defeat In Punisher MAX, Fisk shoots King and misses. However, he did the unthinkable and found a way to win despite losing his own son in the process. In devil’s secretKingpin was beaten by Daredevil and the rest of New York City’s superheroes, but instead of finding a way back from his failure, he simply accepted it and allowed his heir to rule the underworld in his place.

While the kingpin’s actions Punisher MAX have nothing to do with them devil’s secret Since they exist in completely different universes, the impact of these two events is not felt by the reader. in that regard, kingpin earning redemption For a betrayal he regrets, he worked so hard to achieve instead of allowing his son to die of utterly selfish reasons.

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