The Kardashians: Kim Kardashian Apologizes to Family About Her Kanye West Relationship – E! Online

Kim Kardashian is issuing an apology to the fam!

In the May 26 episode of Hulu’s The KardashiansKim apologized to her family about how her relationship with ex-husband Kanye West has affected them. This mea culpa came about after it was revealed that Kanye was coming out with a new rap song, which, according to Kim, meant “he’s talking mad s––t about me and probably saying whatever.”

In support of her sister, Khloe Kardashian weighed in, “Most men are not trashing the mother of their kids like that publicly.” Feeling similarly, momager Kris Jenner chimed in and assured Kim that she has “done nothing but be great to him.”

Kim went on to acknowledge the drama, noting in a confessional, “I do recognize the impact that my relationship has had on my family and that I’ve never had the opportunity to just say, ‘I’m sorry guys.'”

But, that seems to be all in the past, as Kim promised her family, “I will never let that happen to you guys again.”

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