The Internet’s favorite son Gavin Thomas is grown-up in latest yearbook photo — E! Online

Gavin Thomas Everything has grown up.

When fans first learned about the Minnesotan, he was only 2 years old and could barely make up a complete sentence. Now, eight years have passed and Gavin is a pre-teen, as evident in his latest photo.

Gavin’s mom on Tuesday 26 October, cat, gave its more than 500,000 followers a glimpse of the new photo, bringing back warm memories of Gavin and his uncle Nick MastodonEat wine.

a person reacted, “Wantlet-sized photos for the whole Twitter family. Proud of nephew.” another twitter user Asked We all have this question on our mind: “How did they grow so fast??”

Recently Kate talked know your meme Describing Gavin’s status as a real meme star, he revealed that he didn’t expect anything to come from those early videos. She shared, “I never would have thought this would all happen. We were just taking cute videos and pictures of Gavin.”

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